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Maintenance is complete and the Marvel Heroes 2016 servers are now back online! Thank you for your patience.

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  • [Test Center] Trainyard Unique Scenario

    Hey folks,

    One additional Anniversary feature in today's Test Center is the new Trainyard unique Danger Room scenario.

    Both Epic and Cosmic version of this scenario should be on the Event Vendor within the Danger Room hub area purchasable for credits.

    Feel free to check out both versions of this upcoming Danger Room scenario with your best-geared Heroes and let us know what you think! Anything related to the mission structure, level of difficulty, or new boss encounter in particular will be useful feedback!

    Please use this thread for any feedback or bug reports for the new Trainyard scenario in Test Center today.



    • Mega-Sentinel's four-way lightning blast attack does not currently have final VFX hooked up and may display incorrectly when this attack is used in this build.
  • Re: [Test Center] Cosmo Pet

    @Asros said:
    But also -


    Please to be doink, yes.

  • [Test Center] Preliminary Patch Notes (5/26)



    Added the following new Cosmic Artifacts:

    • Siege’s Cosmically Enhanced Targeting System
    • Cosmically Enhanced A.R.M.O.R Alternate Reality Chaos Portal
    • Cosmically Enhanced A.R.M.O.R M-26 Anti-Reality Grenade
    • Cosmically Enhanced A.R.M.O.R. Issued Nano-Poison
    • Cosmically Enhanced A.R.M.O.R. Supercharged Power Cell
    • Cosmically Enhanced A.R.M.O.R Dimensional Power Portal Generator
    • Cosmically Enhanced Doop Ectoplasm

    These Artifacts can be acquired from Jocasta in exchange for A.R.M.O.R. Research Drives, or in the case of Cosmically Enhanced Doop Ectoplasm, from Moondragon in exchange for Cosmic Worldstones.

    Weapon X Catalysts are also available on the Anniversary Event Vendor - these new Unique Catalysts grant 150 Health per second regeneration in addition to the other random affixes rolled.



    • Fixed an issue where Cat Nap would sometimes only strike once if used immediately when it came off cooldown.

    • Updated some tooltips to better reflect their functionality.


    • Blue of Blades and Close Combat Mines now properly describe the added effects granted to Cryo-Dagger.


    • Killer Glaive will now properly increase the damage of Unleash Glaive.


    • True Comrade also adds tooltips to their respective summon powers.

    • Solitary Pillar disables summon-related tooltips from affected powers.

    • Seismic Stomp now adds the Critical & Brutal Strike Chance to Demolition Stomp.

    • Osmium Courage adds all buff effects to Heroic Challenge's tooltip.


    • Fixed an issue where the buff granted from Maximum Optics wasn’t lasting the full duration, and added a buff icon to track when the buff expires.

    • Fixed an issue where the bonus from Visor Off with Maximum Optics enabled wasn't applying to Focused Beam or Optic Beam.


    • Fixed an issue where Devil’s Due wouldn’t generate combo points against close targets with Let The Devil Out selected.

    • Fixed an issue where Club Sweep, when assigned to LMB, would activate once before moving to a target.


    • Fixed an issue where some bosses couldn't be Marked For Death.


    • Added a Terrify Duration tooltip to Trick Card.

    • Ace of Spades will now show a channel bar.

    • Edited Dead Man's Hand tooltip for clarity.


    • Fixed an issue where Iceman's Ultimate would summon many more clones than what the tooltip indicated.

    • Fixed an issue where Iceman could move during Absolute Zero, breaking the animation for this power. Movement during this power will be restored once this animation issue can be corrected.

    • Fixed an issue where Iceman would slide along the ground when activating Ice Golem.

    • Fixed an issue where the Ice Golem snowball attack could sometimes fail to activate.

    • Renewing Cold now properly increases the cooldown of Ice Slick.

    • Reworded Flash Freeze and Frost Nova’s Vulnerability tooltip to better explain the effect.


    • Leveling up while playing as Jean Grey in Phoenix Form will no longer revert her back to non-Phoenix form.

    • Fixed a bug where Jean Grey's powers would revert to the Telepath version after a region change while in Phoenix form.

    • Fixed a visual bug where Jean Grey’s Phoenix-form wings would disappear upon levelling up with the Unleash the Phoenix talent enabled.

    • Fixed an audio issue where Jean didn’t speak when performing the Hello emote.


    • Fixed an issue where Misty Knight would actually summon Iron Fist while wearing the Classic or Skrull costumes.

    • Follow-Through will no longer list Dempsey Roll in its tooltip if Knockout Punch is selected.

    • Elbow Drop will now list the Critical Hit Chance granted by Lethal Fists.

    • Fixed an issue where Cage Was Here sometimes wouldn’t fire if you tapped the associated hotkey while attacking an enemy with Lethal Fists selected.

    • Take To The Streets now shows the correct amount of charges granted to Cold Shoulder and Elbow Drop.

    • Fixed an issue where Harlem Street Kick would let you slide while the power was active.


    Nick Fury now has charges on several powers that used to cost ammo. Powers affected:

    • Fresh Clips now restores charges of the following powers: Fire in the Hole! (and its close quarters remap), Target Down, Molecular Destabilization Grenade, Fire and Forget, End it. All of these powers have also had their cooldowns and Ammo costs removed.

    • Fire in the Hole! & Heads Down have 1 charge each by default.

    • Fire and Forget has 1 charge.

    • Molecular Destabilization Grenade has 1 charge.

    • End It has 1 charge.

    • Target Down has 1 charge, which is restored if this power defeats a target.

    • The Bandolier Talent adds +1 charges to Molecular Destabilization Grenade, Heads Down & Fire in the Hole!.

    • Blitz still refreshes all cooldown powers when you use your signature, re-enabling your Fresh Clips power and allowing you to gain back all charges on other powers.

    • All Fireteam summons have had their durations extended by 50%.

    • Damage increased for the following powers:

    • Heads Down

    • Fire in the Hole!
    • Target Down
    • Molecular Destabilization Grenade
    • Fire and Forget

    • Let ‘Em Have It’s cooldown will now properly scale down at higher ranks.

    • Fixed an issue where Eyes Everywhere was not resetting the cooldown of Lola On Loan with Blitz active.


    • Fixed an issue where X-Slash could sometimes be used outside of its hit radius and adjusted its tuning.

    • Fixed an issue where Sabre Swipe, when assigned to LMB, would activate once before moving to a target.


    • Fixed an issue where Pulsar Cascade wasn’t refunding 60% of a Pulsar’s power cost when you detonated it with a power.


    • Moloid Leapers will now be more engaging with enemies.

    • Moloid Hurlers will no longer move next to an enemy while attacking them.

    • Crashing Hail will replace areas when used multiple times, and the max summon areas has been added to the tooltip.

    • Electro-Blast will replace the area when used before the first one expires.

    • Fixed an issue where some Traits were being treated as Enhancement powers for Enhanced Shockwave.

    • Dash Powers are now properly also considered Cooldown Powers.

    • Lavalanche is now properly treating as a Burning effect.

    • Fixed an issue where Focused Barrage was consuming more Spirit than intended.

    • Five Finger Rogue Punch now displays the duration in the tooltip.

    • Curse Of Hellfire’s tooltip now properly states it increases Mental Damage, not Physical.

    • Removed erroneous Movement Speed tooltip from Invisibility.

    • Fixed an issue where Knockdown Sweep wasn’t receiving the bonus damage while in Stealth or Invisible.

    • Magnetic Attraction now increases Orb Pickup Radius by 100% for 4 seconds.

    • Mental Devastation now displays the slow duration on the tooltip.

    • Damage Bonus of Molecular Transport reduced to 175%. Note - The first stack was designed not to affect the explosion damage, meaning you could have a max of 800% bonus damage, which is unintuitive. Now each stack grants a bonus of 175%, for a total of 875% at max stacks.

    • Psychokinetic Barrier now displays separate durations for the wall and the Damage Over Time effect, and displays the correct maximum areas that can exist at once.

    • Fixed an issue where Pyrotechnic Burst was being considered a Ranged Power.


    • Dark Matter will now properly show the reduced cooldown of Event Horizon.


    • Fixed an issue where Swift Smasher could generate charges of Unlimited Class Slam and Rockslide Charge indefinitely.


    • Adjusted Swift Claws tooltip to explain the Critical Hit Chance effect if a buff, not part of the power.


    • Edge pointers will now show up behind HUD elements, so they don't block players from using them.

    • Special Issue Emergency Communicator's S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent proc now scales to player level. It will show as a level 1 agent but the damage will be accurate.

    • Players will no longer gain Odin Marks from the Bosses in X-Defense, instead they will get them from the victory chests

    • Currency Boost now grants Odin Marks from completing waves in X-Defense and from the end of mode chests instead of from bosses.

    • Fixed an issue where Cosmic Bounty Hunter: Mister Sinister achievements could not be completed.

    • Fixes an issue with the target lock visual effect changing color incorrectly when using a gamepad.

    • Fixed an issue where Magneto's 'Welcome to Die' Achievement could not be completed.

    • Fixed an issue where Pyro's Cosmically Enhanced Flamethrower was not rolling with a Cosmic affix when acquired from a loot box.

    • Fixed an issue where Cosmic Bounty Hunter achievements for Mister Sinister and Ultron were not viewable.

    • Fixed an issue where Kl'rt's Cosmic Bounty Hunter achievement would not track opened chests.

    • Fixed an issue where the Drax and Gamora Vol. 2 Team-Up Variants were not correctly being tracked for the purposes of Guardians of the Galaxy related Achievements.

    • Fixed an issue where entering the Times Square Terminal would cause character dialogue audio to stop playing.

    • Fixed an issue where the 100-point Time Gem Mastery bonus was not applying its effects to certain Dash powers (such as stolen Dash powers for Rogue).

    • Time Flux now properly states that it only affects Dash Powers.

    • Fixed an issue where activating the Bodyslider and travel power together would cause a desync issue on the client.

  • Re: Can BIG 10 Boxes Have A Big Ol' Off Screen Indicator?

    Definitely a reasonable request - @Winterthur is on the case.

  • Re: Achievement: Nicky Fury - S.H.I.E.L.D. Standard Issue -- Still not fixed.....

    As @KomoriMan indicated here this morning, there was a miscommunication regarding this bug fix and it was indeed not correctly resolved with the last patch. Apologies for the confusion - this fix should roll out with the next patch.