Marvel Heroes 2.21 Patch Notes

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Valentine's Day

Following the spirit of our previous holiday events, this week we’re celebrating Valentine’s Day in Marvel Heroes! Credit drops will now appear as Candy Hearts and players can find various holiday gifts in-game in addition to a new artifact and unique. Upon login, players will receive a Valentine’s Card that features a chance at multiple Valentine’s Gifts!

In addition, we’re going to be giving a special 50% XP bonus for being in a party! In order to receive this bonus, heroes must simply be in a party with other players!

Item Changes

Fixed a loot table issue which was causing runes to drop in X-Defense more than any other area.

Bounty Hunter chest loot drops (from Cosmic Terminals) have been increased slightly.

Fixed an issue where the Runeword Fire Barrage was only dealing 1 damage.

M.O.D.O.K.’s Mental Headband artifact has been given it’s intended 1 minute cooldown.

Loki can no longer equip the Fantastic Four insignia. His mischievous ways have been revealed.

Fixed an issue where level 50 Uru-Forged items were dropping for heroes well below their level.

Fixed a bug where Punisher’s Sword Gun unique had base damage variance.

Emma Frost’s unique Locket of the Lords Cardinal’s Cyclops will now change costumes based on the costume Emma is wearing.

Hero Changes


Gambit's Grand Slam no longer gains bonus to thrown objects from Kinetic Control passive which was (for some reason) being tagged as a “thrown” power despite it being a melee attack.


Fixed an issue with Brimstone Beatdown where an erroneous tuning flag was causing it to deal too little damage.

An issue has been fixed where Blink Strike was able to be cancelled repeatedly before bouncing to another target, resulting in spirit being drained insanely fast on a single enemy. Spamming Blink Strike quickly will now hit multiple targets as intended.

Fixed an issue where Flash and Grab was ignoring boss and enemy tenacity, allowing players to constantly "move" enemies.

Squirrel Girl

Fixed an issue with Squirrel Girl’s Claw, Claw, Bite where it was erroneously being multiplied incorrectly. Due to the damage adjustment, we’ve changed the power so that Squirrel Girl receives a 3% damage bonus from each active squirrel rather than 1.5%.

A bug has been resolved with Squirrel Girl's Squirrel Cunning and Squirrel Distraction powers which were causing the passive-per-squirrel components to be raised exponentially higher per power point. They now provide the correct amount of dodge and critical damage rating.

X-Defense Changes

Fixed a UI issue where the metagame panel would display incorrect data after a Doop wave. Pesky Doop.

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