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I just started using Pinnacle Game Profiler to play Marvel Heroes using a wireless Xbox 360 controller, and so far I'm finding it really fun! :ar!

Tried it with Spider-man, Hulk, Cyclops, Storm and Jean, with just a small curve to adapt using for the ranged attacks, but with some tweaking in PGP (there are already two ready to play profiles in their website) it turns out pretty good to play even with ranged heroes.

The only major difficulty is clicking on the items on the ground, but some more tweaking and adapting and you're good to go, you can also have your mouse nearby just to click on the items after battles, but it's not really necessary. :)>-

So, I wanted to know who else tried using a controller to play, what are your feedbacks about it, and which heroes are better or worse using it.

Also, it would be nice if the devs could implement a native controller support, after all, Diablo 3 did it on consoles and turned out pretty good! I don't think it needs the complete UI redesign as Diablo 3, but just a controller compatibility would be great.

Hope someone at Gazillion see this and make it happen! :D

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Which Pinnacle profile are you using, or did you make your own? I saw 2 already made profiles for Pinnacle, one uses a mouse spring effect so when you let go of the analog it snaps back to the middle, and lets you run around just using the left analog without having to click the ground to move.

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I'm using the second one on the official PGP website, with the mouse spring effect.
Just made a few tweaks to improve my play style, like buttons on hold instead of pressed and less analog sensitivity.

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I will try this out again. 4 months i tried and it didnt work. but ill try this again!! I would love if they had controller support!

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Thanks for posting about this, I didn't know about it and would love to use my controller with this. Gunna give it a shot!

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Jean Grey is AWESOME using the controller, specially when using the "Pinball Phoenix Charge" build!

I no longer lose the mouse cursor in the middle of all the power effects, and it's way easier to aim the charge direction with the analog thumb.

And using the alternate buttons option in PGP for F1, F2, F3, etc, I can have quick access to more powers for the button configured as the right click. It's really fast to change powers after you get used to it.

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Hmmm maybe I'll try this!

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Those who try it, tell your opinion!

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Is it possible to do this with an xbox one controller?

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Yeah I might be trying this with ps3 controller this weekend, wouldnt be the first game with no controller support that I had to use an outside program to get my controller working

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I have an alternative till Gazillion implements and Official Controller Support Check it out if you get a chance.

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