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Unbinding any hero unique's please

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@Darkciders said: Does it mean we are going to have low level players around with rank5 legendaries? Because this is seriously unbalanced and if that's the case, I don't want to be annoyed by overpowered low level heroes killing stuff within seconds before I even get the chance, multiplayer instances in story mode and bosses in midtown for example.

That's exactly what it would mean and I agree 100% with your assessment. Doom has only mentioned (that I have seen) addressing the PvP balance issue. I am guessing they don't see it as overpowering in group situations... like one guy carrying the group with massive bonuses in The Breach or killing bosses super fast in MM.

I am reserving my judgment until the implementation of any fixes or limitations. It seems like the kind of problem that would be easier to get in front of, but who knows... Maybe they're planning something and not mentioning it just yet.

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what's the point of unbinding uniques?

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@Evsi said: what's the point of unbinding uniques?

Any hero uniques can be.. used on any hero.

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@ShotgunSunrise said: Any hero uniques can be.. used on any hero.

oh right. I forgot about those :P

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@Evsi said: what's the point of unbinding uniques?

Probably for those Unique that is for - Any hero, one would like to unbind that if they have equiped that and then re-equip it to another hero.

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@Doomsaw said: I mentioned this on various streams and threads, but a summary:

  1. There will be a recipe that unbinds Uniques within 2 or 6 weeks, depending on testing.

  2. There will be a recipe that unbinds Legendaries (most likely) within the same time frame. This will reset the Legendary experience.

  3. We will NOT be resetting Legendaries upon Prestige (we considered for a second, but decided it was fine). The Rank 5 procs will probably be tuned for PVP, but that is a completely separate issue.

  4. There are no plans to add a 3 for 1 unique recipe, it was considered briefly. However, we may have recipes that involve uniques in the future. We have about 50 recipes that we want to code once the larger features are complete, or just along the way in the coming weeks.

  5. I will probably start up an FAQ that is stickied in a forum so people can get these questions listed together at a glance! (Saves us both time)

Thanks guys!

Hi Monsieur @doomsaw :)

I have a Rank 5 gungnir and have 400 more odin mark :

What should i do ?

  • is there new legendary scheduled ? If yes, when ?

  • can we hope any change for some ranks of legendaries, even rank 5 who have a small utility ?

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@Doomsaw said: We are working on the dps rework pretty much 24/7 right now so make sure it's A+ for this month's patch.

Awesome news !

I wish you al the best : if onl you wasn't so far in a savage land, i ll gladly offer you a good table i know :


but i was wondering if the feedbacks are still usefull ?

it will be cool too that we know which day will be use to copy for this test center : i m curently prestiging and i don't want to miss this TC :)

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@Yin said: Work and Break do not mix...I hope all you guys avoid MH for the break and get a fresh start on 1/2/14 :>


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@Doomsaw said: We are making whale balls amounts of crafting recipes (paraphrased)

WOOHOO! My favorite aspect of ANY game is the crafting. Give me Silver Surfer, and a bunch of gear I can craft for him, and I am 1 happy camper!

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I don't understand why the 3 for 1 random unique idea was tossed out. Why do I keep saving super rare uniques if I can't use them? Is this just a ploy to sell more Stash tabs to keep us hoping they'll be useful at some undisclosed point in the future? It's nice that there are more universal uniques now, but 9 out of 10 it seems you're better off with a good purple for that character/build. I'd love to farm credits and unstable molecules for the opportunity to turn 3 crummy/repeat uniques into a potentially cool one, so why is that a bad idea?

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I really hope unbinding legendaries won't reset exp so I can try to get one of each unique.

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