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Hero Synergy Experience Bonus

ALL THE DEADPOOLSLocation ChicagoPosts: 237 Amazing

I guess I could use a little help with leveling....

Posts: 227 Amazing

Welp, incentive to give those hanging-out-in-the-50s slacker toons make that final push, I suppose.

GuardianPosts: 615 Amazing

@Luftwaffles said: How about some of these suggestions:

I got every character in the game to at least 45 (minus Loki atm who is 32). I don't have a real reason other than Obsessive Compulsive Disorder to level them. I get drunk a lot. My ideas:

1.) Give us a title to display alongside our name. For example: "Luftwaffles the Ultimate." The reward of prestige is a visible cosmetic enhancement to your name. I feel the opposite end of prestige (leveling one character five times) is having multiple characters (leveling five characters one time).

2.) +credit drop passive per character leveled Homies is broke, yo. We got lots of characters, so give us an additional +2 credit drop passive added per character leveled. That way, we can afford to the credits to do things like upgrade items, etc..

3.) Rarity and Special Item Find passive per character leveled We got lots of characters to equip items on, so give us a +2-5% RiF and SiF per character leveled to help us find items to deck them out in.

4.) Remove the "1 shard per character, per account" mechanic That way we can take advantage of having multiple characters. I really don't think that people running terminals over and over and over will be that big of a problem. I was too lazy to switch toons to run my first bonus Odin Mark legendary quest 25 times a day. That would equal 50 marks a day for 7 days = 350. That's a legendary a week.

5.) Store discount You know how many costumes I've bought? How many characters I've bought? A lot. Having multiple toons is expensive. Steam says I've spent over $300 in game.

6.) Buff synergies 5% bonus RiF or SiF for leveling a character doesn't really justify leveling that toon to 50.

7.) Free STASH tab per 5 characters We got a lot of stuff after all.

8.) Increased bag space We carry a lot of stuff after all.


You got visuals for prestiging, why can't we have visuals for having multiple characters leveled? It seems like the only natural extension of that. Also, having an account over 1300+ is going to net me a whopping 5% bonus XP, cause I only got 1 level 60. What about people like that? Why can't you do like synergy and give bonuses at both level 25 and 50? Cause it makes sense?

They have mentioned it earlier in this thread they might break up the 5% xp over different levels. Because there are new players and some older ones who have yet to even have one level 60 yet.

True BelieverLocation Deep Within The Rabbit HolePosts: 66 Mighty

Awesome awesome idea. Win win for all. We get a little exp bonus, company gets more heroes sold because lvling is now that much easier. Anything g helps and 5% per hero for someone that owns them all, yes plz and Ty ;)

GuardianPosts: 615 Amazing

@idrinkdrpepper said:

Most likely he got disagrees because there are some people who feel that you should have to reach level 60 for the 5% bonus to be applied. Not saying that's how I feel but some people in this thread expressed that's how they feel the 5% should work.

WallcrawlerLocation PhoenixPosts: 297 Amazing

This is a simple solution for every 12 levels on your account you get 1% XP gain. That way people can play the way they want and still achieve bonuses and newer players will feel rewarded sooner.

Location Excalibur LighthousePosts: 868 Amazing

@KingBacon said: Hey all,

I just implemented a new feature that's coming soon. For each hero you own that has reached level 60, you will receive an account wide permanent 5% experience bonus. Screenshot below with all the heroes unlocked and at level 60 (even Ghost Rider). Enjoy!

Shouldn't this show in the acheivments page? Where you press V and see the character specific synergies and it also shows how many levels you have to go? Just makes more sense to me

Fearless LeaderPosts: 498 Amazing

@endest said: Massive disappointment.

We spend weeks getting one hero to sixty for a bonus that is so small it will never be noticed?

I am done paying for new heroes. I will never have time to level what I already have. This seals the deal. Not even sure why you bothered....

It adds up. If you give too much, people with all heroes at 60 will be like the Flash!

Posts: 13 Mighty

Awesome!Glad to see this implemented.A small credit boost would help out people who want to level multiple character to 60 would help out greatly as well.

WallcrawlerLocation PhoenixPosts: 297 Amazing

@iontyld but having 6 level 50s is better than 2 60s in time effort, experience and accomplishment. In the current 6o or nothing system you are once again rewarding those who played a few heroes vs those who played many. This is supposed to be a system to reward those who play many. If we are going to keep rewarding those who play few or one character whats the point of this.

We also need to be in the new players corner and grow the game and if they buy an Avengers pack and level 5 guys to 12 give them a 5% bonus maybe they will enjoy the game and keep playing.

Posts: 227 Amazing

@fubanuba said: Awesome!Glad to see this implemented.A small credit boost would help out people who want to level multiple character to 60 would help out greatly as well.

Just having Stark or Cage available on tap does that?

AssembledLocation Upstate NYPosts: 344 Amazing

Very much looking forward to this being available. I'm having fun playing, but leveling each successive character just FEELS slower after having just gone through the content on a previous character. (I can't even bring myself to play Thing, Daredevil or Hawkeye at this point - though I do want to get them to 20 to do Legendaries.)

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