So who are the 5 new Starter Heroes added in 2.0?

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@Doomsaw said:

For Game Update 2.0 with Asgard, this is the current thinking:

Black Widow is added to the starting lineup.
She is a very recognizable mass-media hero thanks to her appearance in the Avengers movies, Iron Man movies and in the upcoming Winter Soldier movie. As a hero, she’s been getting more and more fun since she launched and has even more improvement coming with her design review in the near future.

i don't want to be snide and beat a dead horse here, but i've stopped doing bonus legendary quests on her for over 2 weeks
hope she gets REALLL good, like spiderman and iron man, ok?

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Wolverine - He is a well known character but doesn't have amazing gameplay. He is fairly simple to play, good survivability, good dmg, a bunch of costumes, and is melee. There is a lack of Melee characters to choose from right off and the way Wolverine is in pop culture he would be one of the most 'yea i will just grab him' heroes. Hell i got him for that very reason, bought the pack with him because i figured sure, Wolverine - must be fun and awesome! Not so much...

Ms. Marvel - She is not well know and a little boring to the average person who isn't into Marvel, can be tanky, both melee and ranged builds.

Cyclops - Same as Wolverine mostly save for being ranged instead of melee. Same reasoning otherwise though

Black Widow - She was hot in the movie, she isn't all super powered which is a turn on for some people who are not crazy about mutants and magic, not very well known other then from movies (to people not known for their love of comics) sounds like a lot of fun.

Honestly though... for the last one i'm not sure. I have arguments both for and against a handful and it could go either way... but the ones i'm sure wont be in there are -

Hulk - He is Hulk. Someone will get the game to play hulk sure but they are probably the kind of people who will just buy him as well. He is a bit too iconic, popular AND has good gameplay, to warrant making him a starter.

Captain America - They won't start him out because everyone and their mother will go out and grab him when the movie comes out. Ignoring any other reasoning, that alone will keep him out of the running.

Punisher - There are too many ranged already and with all the new work into his guns and him being a badass, it makes him the most unique hero in the game. The badass feel alone will keep him out of the running since most people will want to play the game but then will want a more anti-hero hero at some point and they will grab him up first.

Thor - Maybe... but he is way to popular to just give away at this point. Maybe before his first movie came out, then yea he would have been a starter right off the bat. But there are too many kids out there now that want to be Thor and will have their parents just pay for it.

EDIT - Well doomsaw just a few points in my post.

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Very surprised about Punisher being considered. Him being one of the 'darker' heroes, i thought for sure he would be saved for people to purchase.

I had figured on Colossus and BP but i had no idea that this 200/400 thing was the way they were going or changing things up with original 'starters'.

Either way, it sounds good too me... but i can see people who purchased premium-type packs with certain heroes, might be a little unhappy with this, though it doesn't bug me personally.

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I find Black Widow to be as good as my Spiderman and Iron Man. She is a wrecking ball in all content. She crushes Legendary Quests so completely that the quest tracker is left weeping when she's done with it.

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So Asgard is the 2.0 release I assume? I have to wonder why. Is it considered the first "expansion" onto the game or is it to hype it up for the Thor II movie release and expected player boost as a result of Marvel's advertising?

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@Doomsaw said:


Most likely, Human Torch will replace The Thing as the Fantastic Four member representative (or possibly in addition to him).

He is a fun hero, has great visuals and is very easy to learn for new players (and also extremely difficult to master "perfectly").

Luke Cage is likely to be added, as he is one of the most fun brawlers we have starting right from level 1. He has several different build options and is a good choice for new players who want to play as a combo brawler or a summoner class. His mini-rework greatly increased his strength in the mid and late game, which leaves him in a solid spot on the roster.
From a story perspective, Cage is more an "everyman" type of hero compared to some. He doesn’t necessarily fight Galactus, but his stories are closer to home and have a poignant family, which is hard to find in mass-media.

I've only watched Luke Cage on streams but he looks like a lot of fun to play and Human Torch is top 5 in the fun factor from my Hero roster already.

Great heroes all around for the new guys and gals~

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Some cool starter ideas there. Great post, @Doomsaw.

Thanks to @BabylonPaladin for the "Magic" card; RIP Permanent Groot summon 2014-2017

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@Doomsaw said:

Are you able to track the popularity level of heroes? Something like the average level of each hero among the player base? Curious if you'd use this info to determine who needs to be improved.

cough daredevil cough

Are you able to see power/skill heat maps? Pretty much the same idea as above, for seeing which powers need to be improved.

The way you are working the 400 splinter heroes into the starting lineup sounds ok to me.

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What about X-23 maybe being a starter.. Pretty simple hero. Although i really want to play her :D

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@Doomsaw said:
It also has a lot of upgrades to the player experience and polish elements that make marketing more worthwhile now.

is each (4) part a chapter for story mode? (9-12)

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I figured it might be a little bit of both. Early reviews for the game were a bit harsher then was deserved and the game has changed considerably since then. Hell, the game has changed radically enough even since I've started playing only something like a month and a half/two months ago.

Rolling out a big release like this to correspond with a movie release does a great job of adding content to the game and making it attractive to people who might otherwise think it was unrelated to the larger Marvel media plans the company has been pushing over the last few years.

Given the more organic nature of the development of this game I can see marketing anything that adds new levels as the next version as well. When you roll out huge updates every month (or more) its kind hard to pin down exactly when the game that it was before is no longer the game it is now so to speak.

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I kind of LOLed at the "Hawkeye is easy and fun to play" bit. I might have a horrible taste for gameplay, but to me he is neither easy nor fun to play. When I force myself to level him up sometimes, I feel like a crippled person joining the big Olympics. I'd rather watch Miley hump a wrecking ball than play Hawkeye for more than 30 minutes, and that says something.

And Storm is not "prominent", unless we're talking about cartoons here. Her presence is completely diminished in the movies. But it's a good thing, because people might actually pick her to see if she's as terrible as Halle Berry (and be pleasantly surprised by Storm's awesomeness in Marvel Heroes).

Cyclops definitely needs to be a starter imo. He's an iconic figure to anyone who has at least heard something about the X-men. Keep Wolverine as paid though. Dude's got a huge fan(girl)base, and that might earn a buck or two.

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@Doomsaw said:
Black Widow is added to the starting lineup....

I thought she was already a starting hero. shows how much I pay attention lol

Colossus is making a very prominent appearance in Days of Future past and will be added to the starting lineup for sure....

nice to see another tank-like hero in the mix

Most likely, Human Torch will replace The Thing as the Fantastic Four member representative...

would definitely like to try johnny out

Black Panther will be added...

I would definitely would like to play black panther

The Captain will certainly be added.

... his design review is looking outstanding and fun (and coming fairly soon).

very much looking forward to this. right now I feel like he's not really that fun to play

Hawkeye will definitely be staying....

His design rework makes him even more polished and enjoyable at all levels.

have had an itch to try him lately

Punisher is someone we want to add to the lineup....

just unlocked him today and am finding him quite enjoyable

We are also going to keep Storm and/or Scarlet Witch (maybe both) as a mage/support option....

always gotta have a caster

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@Doomsaw said:
The two options for starting lineup heroes are:

  • A 200 splinter hero + 200 splinters for finishing story
  • 400 splinter hero and no splinters for finishing the story.

Not sure if it's because of me, but awesome!

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  • Cosmic circles - Ok Gaz', get rid of it now. You had your fun, but the players don't get any, it's unsufferable
  • Missile reflect - Fixing the bane of melee = getting rid of it, NOT adding a bane for ranged too -_-
  • Craft RNG - Wasting 500k credits to end up with worse gear was never cool in any game of any type
  • Cosmic Trial - Humanely impossible no matter the hero or the gear, and OF COURSE blocks the best game mode
  • X-Def - A very nice concept, but a waste of time as long as the loot won't follow the time invested...
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@Doomsaw said:

Black Widow is added to the starting lineup.
She is a very recognizable mass-media hero thanks to Scarlett Johansson.

As a hero, she’s been getting more and more fun since she launched and has even more improvement coming with her design review in the near future. She may be considered one of the most fun heroes once that review is live.

Fixed that for ya.

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@Doomsaw said:
Hawkeye will definitely be staying.

He has one of the best-selling comics right now, has a decent mass-media following (despite being mind-controlled for most of Avengers 1), is easy and fun to play if you like his style of combat. - fills the iconic archer/bowazon role enjoyed by many players.

His design rework makes him even more polished and enjoyable at all levels.

I was thinking last night and felt it was a good idea to share. The new hunger games movie is coming out later this month. The first one sparked a lot of interest in archery especially with young women so i'm assuming this one will do the same. It would be great if you guys could get Hawkeye's design review done before or soon after the Hunger games comes out for those players that will become interested in archery around that time. Also the Kate Bishop skin would allow female players (as well as male players) to play as a female archer like the main character of the movie.

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That's a pretty good looking list, but I think it could use one more X-Man just to bring the A vs X ratio a little closer. Wolverine would be my suggestion for a lot of the same reasons as Cap - Wolverine is iconic and ubiquitous in the Marvel U. He also has a great costume selection in the store, and a bad costume selection in his hero pack.

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