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Also, let me know if you want me to upload or send you the file from WireShark. I have no idea how to analyze the data. There were lots of things highlighted in Red or Red/Brown on the main window.

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Red/brown is the state of the current packet. Red is mostly for dropped and/or duplicate data, that will be followed with a resend (or a connection closed, if it's really bad)
It can be related to an unstable connection, but in this case everything is unstable, not just MH.

For the file, no much need if you switched the graph to byte/tick (lower right). If it's the case, you're getting usual 100kbyte/sec spikes, if not more.
Same as I've got.
The 400 kb/s spike at 65sec is surprising, unless you were switching zone.

By the way, just be careful about giving a such file as there are a lot of thing captured, and everything goes into the same pipe.
You would be surprised with the amount of data in clear that can be exchanged ;)

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Hahaha that's why I closed my browser first ;)

Thanks for the heads up tho and the explanation about what's normal. It was helpful for me just to understand what's going wrong even if there's no fix.

Now...about this "Strike Team"....

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Devs, any feedback on this issue? I can't even play the game now and it seems like this is a pretty prevalent issue.

Even if you just have half a solution, I'd appreciate hearing that more than nothing at all.

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After playing the game without too many noticeable problems today for over an hour, I turned on the Social chat tab, which was running quite a bit of chat/text. This seemed to cause the desync problem to get worse.

Have the developers ensured that the chat and it's text is not running on the same thread as the game engine itself so it can update separately/slower than the game?


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Hi all,

We've made some changes and optimizations to the game lately - we're wondering if you're still seeing these issues.

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@Ryolnir said:
Hi all,

We've made some changes and optimizations to the game lately - we're wondering if you're still seeing these issues.

If you are referring to the
1.) "Ice Skating" movement, and
2.) the rubber-banding enemies that are impossible to melee, or
3.) The maps/environments that don't load right away
... then yes I've noticed. In fact it was the worst it's ever been for me last night/all weekend.

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Yup, I also have massive lag. I can't do any damage and creatures just kill me and have to wait for it "un-lag".

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and here i was about to call and yell at comcast for such crappy service this weekend.... maybe i still should anyways cuse its always a bunch of pancakes and waffles with them.

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Don't know if it's related, but last night MM was very slow and laggy again when approaching bosses and other players. It hasn't been like that for a while but last night was really bad.

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For the most part I can play MM without much trouble by myself, as soon as another player gets close to appearing on my mini-map the game freezes big time, it's also troublesome if there is a lot of Human Torch, or other high graphic characters fighting bosses it becomes a slide show for me, by no means do I have a high end machine, but ive seen post from others that do and there experiencing the same issues, I hope you guys can figure this out because I love playing this game.

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I am haveing the same lag issues. I will come out of it dead or badly beaten most times but 1 out of 5 times it drops me to login.
I thought it was my server at 1st but now I have my doubts.

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I downloaded a new driver yesterday so I was wondering if that was the issue, but I reverted back to an older driver and still seem to have lag problems. Like other people are saying it is currently unplayable in this state. I've never had lag problems like this before.

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Thanks for that viking.

I myself mostly get spiked when I zoom around MM and reach the massive mob fights already in progress, it's when I am just arriving that I lag up, been playing Human Torch 95% of the time for the last 3 days and using his fastest travel skill, it's been the most noticeable since release.

I have a AMD FX-8350 CPU and Radeon HD 7950 3Gig video card and am not playing maxed out.
High textures yes, but no post-processing features, and no high physics.
Full screen or windowed didn't seem to matter.

One thing I don't like at all, is the mobs being shown on the mini-map (red dots) and arriving and they are not there, is it possible to get rid of the pre-pop shadows circles and just re-pop the mobs and skip that 5 sec or so delay (varies) for their animations please?

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@viking said:

Thank you, it was very helpful. :)

Was worried that my problem was the CPU, but discovered that it is the GPU.

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@Ryolnir @viking

Just went from treasure room to Hidden cove zone and suddenly I had ALL the graphics, all the models all at once at my screen. I mean trees, rocks, platforms, hills, grass and sand everything in the zone at the same place, could not see enemies as there were too much layers of "stuff".

There are also all black pieces of floor in story mod.

I'm using an SSD drive so loading shouldn't be a problem.

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@viking said:

It's good to know this is being heavily worked on. My bottleneck has always been the X-mansion (surprisingly not X-Defense). I've lagged there since early beta. It's apparent that character and boss loading is the main issue. I hope you guys figure it out. These performance issues are a major item on the short list of things needed for this game to reach critical mass.


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