More VUs are coming!

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Just hoping he'll also finally get his yellow lightning from the comics :-)

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A list of costumes, Vu's coming with omega patch would be awesome.

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@TheDink Do you know anything about Wanda's default costume? I remember that some aspects of her would be reworked like her cape!! Her forums have some posts about it!

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ooooh come on, mar-vell looks awesome, he's probably a fidelity pass

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Please tell me you guys making VU for Cable and Moon Knight cuz they really reeaally need some fashion update!!!

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@TheDink : Are there plans for Colossus's costumes?

Origins needs to be fixed.
Classic and Outback need VU badly.
Phoenix needs material pass and golden look.

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Much needed updates, Sadly i dont think many people will be buying variants or new costumes on PC, But good luck with console sales Gaz.

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I am just waiting for more heroes to be made. Spider Woman won't cut it, I am in demand for someone useful like Sandman, Goliath, Wonderman, Moondragon as well as Jocosta and so on.

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@TheDink said:

Recent Fidelity pass that comes to mind for me was Gambit Death and Lady Loki.

Death Gambit already looked good. Might have to swap away from classic from time to time. Lady Loki could have used a bit of a tweak so that's good.

We do appreciate the art team, seriously. Thank you for all of you've done @TheDink. I hope you enjoy your vacation.


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Superior Spider Man VU nice can't wait to see it

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I like how Dink refers to themselves as "We the Character Artists".

I can imagine them behind some wall made of the breakroom sofa cusions. With a secret handshake to enter.

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I made that graphic of Psylocke to show the people complaining about her being "fat" that they're wrong. Using it to show her face or anything is a bad idea because I totally messed with the colors and sharpness to make totally different points about the fact that her body looks great and also is the same between House of M and default. Also in general please don't use my graphic to complain about a costume that I am using it to defend. Take your own pictures, thank you.

Also can we please stop complaining about that costume compared to the ones that actually need a lot of work. And how many times do we have to say it was Marvel decision to make her "less Asian" looking, not the artist. Marvel doesn't care what you think, they specifically wanted her eyes to look that way.

Let's fix SW default instead! It actually has real issues caused my rushed iterations.

Images not allowed?

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@axan said:
A list of costumes, Vu's coming with omega patch would be awesome.

Corrected and hyped.

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hey @TheDink, how are things? :D

Just a small heads up that War Machine's VU doesn't have a material pass since his VU hit:

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@Beldin2 said:
I also prefered Psylockes old deafault very much over what she has now, and hope they
leave the House of M alone.

Bloody oath!! I loved her old default... it's sometimes a shame with these VUs Gaz delivers. Half are top-notch, half are less desirable.

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Any news about She-Hulk's costume @TheDink ???

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