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@FrodoFraggins said:
we know they WERE separate because they lost the console license and had to get it back

Indeed they were. But they got that contract 1.5 years before the CEO interview at the gaming convention, just as he says. In the stream it was about a 5 year renewal that was a few weeks in already. If there was a renewal regarding only the console it would have been one poor contract to begin with, since it wouldnt even have covered the full development time of the console from start to full release. The renewal he spoke of in the stream had already started a few weeks prior to the stream, which means that renewal started before the game was even out of beta on PS4.

This in turn means they sold founder's packs before they knew if the game was even going to go live on console. But that is very unlikely, cos Gaz arent alone here, so the initial console contract must have covered a substantial time to begin with in order to get both Microsoft and Sony onboard regarding the use of PSN, XB-Live and the use of their online stores etc.

Those are some of the things that make me think that the renewal was simply a thing for PC or a consolidation of all platforms to follow the current (at the time) console contract.

But if you think they started development for console based on a 1.5 year "maybe" contract then that is your full right and I wont argue with it.

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Without a Marvel licensing agreement this is all moot.

1: If they don't want to talk about it because they still think they will get a license, or even just don't want to squash the possibility of one by killing the PC outright with a nay statement then I get it. That makes sense.
2: If they don't want to say it so they can squeeze out the last little bit so they don't have to fire a whole bunch of people right this minute; I get that too, I would do the same thing.
3: If they have signed some weird NDA that we will never know about and Disney will sue them into infinity if they say anything; then OK, they'll kinda look like jerks to all of us but you have to do what you have to do.
4: If they know they won't have the license, and the above or some other permutation of the above is not true and they are just riding it know.

Hopefully I'm wrong and they are just reaaaalllllly bad at PR and/or are just trolling us because we give them so much crap and we deserve it.

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@Asros it is great to see you back on the forums!
Was starting to worry that Blizzard had snatched you up...
I enjoy all of your posts and you are everybody's favorite on here.

I'm glad to hear you are working on a lot of stuff and doing all you can.
You will help knock out the omega patch. Keep up the good work!

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i member when this community was the best ever!!! MEMEBER

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@Stickydeath1980 said:
i member when this community was the best ever!!! MEMEBER


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@Asros said:

@KissingToast said:
Check out his Twitter, there's more. He's deeply hurt over the reaction of OP changing.

Far be it from me to let the truth get in the way of a good story, but I'm not deeply hurt or defensive. You may read it that way, but I'm not. I'm explaining the development process to those who are outside of it in an effort to better understand it. However, if the intent is to just rip on it no matter what is said, then so be it.

I was speaking in terms of game design as a whole in that situation because I haven't been involved in the design of Omega prestige or the changes being considered. The most I've said about it internally was a conversation i just had with Mayhem right before seeing this thread.

You ask any developer what the most difficult thing is to gauge, and it is the power of the player to churn through whatever content you've built. No, that isn't something you can test internally. Those things have to be seen once it goes live. That's how it goes. I explained that in the entirety of the tweets, not just the one snipped out and pasted.

Again, I'm not defensive or hurt or whatever, just making attempts to explain the process behind it all,

@Tocimus said:
I was surprised @Asros said something so dumb. But then again he hasnt said a word on pc side for weeks.

I haven't been posting on either forum because of personal issues causing me to be out of town and focusing on the amount of work I have to do now, which doesn't have a lot of player facing pieces, especially PC side.

Sry bout the news.

.....But we see how active employees are on console side.

We cant even get full copy/paste from @AgentVapor about news. (Might be out of his control...but still....Trash Panda! .)
We get more posts from mods than anybody else. While appreciated, is just odd.

So im guessing that whomever is in charge of PR thinks the updates on omega arent important to us. Character legendaries omitted from friday posts........ its almost like Gaz wants PC to be angry.

this just in from Marvel!

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My questions are:

How is this omega patch considered an upgrade to the game...when your taking away a lot of stuff that people enjoyed and replacing it with more leveling and nothing else?

Honestly the only reason I prestige is for the blender...but that is going away. What else is there to gain from it?

Why are the cube shards going away?

Why are the raid tokens going away?

Why if the "omega" patch is so good will all the gear and time players have spent supporting your game become a complete waste of time?

Things we are losing (that i bothered to read up on):
Costume blender, cube shards, rune words, uru forged slot, uniques

Things we gain:
Another prestige level that is only good for one power boost, and after that loot boxes that like the log in prizes and the non existing costume drops is just another waste of code.

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I feel like we're Tyra in this video at this point of the game.

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Hello Everyone. Can someone please tell me if there will be a civil war Captain America team up ? If So, How do you go about getting one? Do you have to buy cards / loot boxes ect ?... I miss the last few civil war events due to...reasons.Thank you for response.Have a great weekend.

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@RDG said:
Hello Everyone. Can someone please tell me if there will be a civil war Captain America team up ? If So, How do you go about getting one? Do you have to buy cards / loot boxes ect ?... I miss the last few civil war events due to...reasons.Thank you for response.Have a great weekend.

usually from doing the event and collecting w/e currency it uses or possibly as a drop.
they were also available during this year's anniversary event.

this just in from Marvel!

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