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You think that the following is clear ?
"As for currencies like commendations. These will not be supported in the future. This doesn't mean the commendations you currently have will not have a use, but because these were tied to things that won't be with the next patch, they currently do not have a place to be spent. In the not so distant future there will be things for you guys to spend your existing currencies on."

It just means "Maybe, but not sure, in two or three years, we will take time to think about something to do with those currencies". Wow !!! It is so clear.
It is so clear and luminous that I am almost blind!

Stop kidding us !

It is clear, they will be removed as drops and never come back. They will give us something we can use our exsisting commendations on. They wont think about something to do with those currencies, just something for the players that happen to have them saved so they dont go to waste. How much clearer can it really be? It will be the same thing as when retcon devices were removed, some special vendor to sell us something.

Crystal... it can't possibly be clearer. I now possess sufficient knowledge to make an informed decision.

I can choose to craft more existing raid uniques, or lose the opportunity and wait for... something, something and something!

Thanks !!! Something, something or something !

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@Sensorie said:
The problem with this method of communication is it elicits "stress" and confusion; it's the antithesis of generating hype. It is not an approach that should be endorsed regardless of the circumstances.

It's your prerogative if you are happy to accept such an approach, but do not expect others to share your countenance.

The current debacle unfolding regarding Omega Prestige is yet another example of how not to do something. The personal twitter accounts of employees may not reflect the views of their employer (legally), but when conversations venture into topics related to their work, especially hot button topics pertaining to a controversial announcement (pending further details due it its brief and vague nature which is indefensible given that the answers were fully prepared), everything is critical to public relations. Just because there isn't an NDA enforcing silence doesn't mean comments can be freely published with impunity (assuming they care about PR).

I'm happy with the answers we've been given regarding the omega patch so far. I'm happy about the plan to change omega prestige. I am however not happy when it comes to how omega prestige was initially introduced, with no testing done and a price tag slapped on before proper data was collected. It should have been a prime example to just release it for free on Spidey to begin with, that way there would have been no monetary issues if the system had to change.

As you say in another post.

Unfortunately for them, there isn't really an angle that paints them in a positive light, and being seemingly defensive about it just hurts their cause further.

It cannot be more true. I'm not sure if they think this will fly with those who have already bought it or if they are just bullheaded and actually think this was an amazing addition to the game. Being defensive about is not the way to go. What they should have done in their personal tweets or in an offical company tweet would be to acknowledge the issues straight up and insure people that they have a plan to compensate all those effected.

I was fairly surprised, knowing Gaz's track record, that people bought these packs instantly on release instead of waiting. All this mess really proves is that Gaz doesnt function without their players to test the things they plan on releasing.

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@SneakyErvin said:

But that is the thing, we are waiting for TC, the thing the devs said would be the best option to see all the changes because there are simply too many to mention. I do endorse this if it means their time is spent on the actual patch instead of typing up a blog about the changes when they instead can be experienced on TC when it is time. Maybe they also learned from last years blog that it simply isnt worth it due to the pre-rage of players, some going to such extents as to write negative reviews based on announcements months before it even hit TC and they have an actual chance to test the changes.

@MichaelKell said:
Synergy changes?
XP bonus 100% or 200%?
Reduction of item slots to fit console design?

What synergy changes? The synergies will get changed to fit the keywords. Not much to know until we see it really. XP bonus I can take or leave, not really interested and dont see it as something we must know since we cant prepare for it or change anything to circumvent it if we want. Regarding items, this has been covered. Uruforged are going away since they have no room in the new crafting system, artifacts will highly likely stay at 4 since we arent getting the console UI, so no need to remove one. This speculation is further backed up by us getting to keep insignias and having them updated aswell to fit the new keywords. Pets still being the only thing not really answered.

@FrodoFraggins said:
you can't seriously believe that they aren't avoiding the PC renewal issue? We know the contracts for PC and console were separate and that they got a new 5 year console license. They have 100% avoided whether they also extended the PC license when they made that console deal.

And yes you are defending Gazillion beyond reason here.

Actually yes I can be serious about this because all we have are speculations in both cases. There has been no info on if they are seperate or not, all we know is of a 5 year renewal. We dont know if it covers all platforms because it has never been said anywhere. The 5 year renewal has been mentioned once, in one stream, with no indication how few or many platforms it covered, just that is was a few weeks in. What was said was that it was a 5 year contract overall, what the word overall refers to in this case can only be speculated. Never was the console or PC specifically mentioned.

If you have a stream or post to efer to where they actually specifically seperate console from PC in a renewal announcement then please show it. Oddly no one could find one when the discussion was most heated here on the forums after that stream. So still just speculations.

we know they WERE separate because they lost the console license and had to get it back

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never mind

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@Siddar said:

@Tocimus said:
I was surprised @Asros said something so dumb. But then again he hasnt said a word on pc side for weeks.

Are you really surprised though? Might I remind you of the "BUE is complete" situation.

I started playing again aftet that.

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@KissingToast said:

@Tocimus said:
I was surprised @Asros said something so dumb. But then again he hasn't said a word on pc side for weeks.

Check out his Twitter, there's more. He's deeply hurt over the reaction of OP changing.

Lol not till after he got Trash Panda! for that first post.

this just in from Marvel!

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