Costumes Back in the Store Today!

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Hi All,

Wanted to give you a heads up that the following costumes went back into the in-game store today on PC through October!

Punisher - Frankencastle Costume
Hulk - Revengers Costume
Moon Knight - Earth X Costume

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Thank you!

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what about the rest of the chase costumes?

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@agentpilot any chance we could get 1 last fortune card sale before all the stuff changes? That would be fantastic!

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@wfp9 said:
what about the rest of the chase costumes?

Those that the @AgentPilot spoke about are the halloween costumes and are not part of chase costumes list.

Was missing the Wolverine Brood Costume appear in the store.

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Called it.
Which is pretty lame tbh.

this just in from Marvel!

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@Tzeentch said:
Still no enhanced version of the punisher costume with new voice work eh?

Good day to you.

It has received a VU though (on console, not on PC) according to asros.

Ghost rider Secret war too for some reason ...

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@Kittyattack said:
We're getting brand new Halloween costumes right?

Fantastic Four ones.

I remember wanting Cap-Wolf so bad.


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Wish we were getting new Halloween-ey costumes :/ People have been pulling for Goblin Queen Maddie Pryor and Blood Storm Ororo for years. Not really surprised though...

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@SouleBreaker said:

@Kittyattack said:
We're getting brand new Halloween costumes right?

Fantastic Four ones.

I remember wanting Cap-Wolf so bad.

Just for Kitty:

Banshee. Always Banshee. And Spider-Woman (and Wasp!) too.

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None of this matters anymore.

I'm salty for sure.

Not one dollar more...

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Maybe some would feel more comfortable with buying costumes if we saw your plans for reimbursing players on the console who bought into the Cosmic Prestige packages for the massive boost to character stats, only to now see this is going to be nerfhammered with no mention of what will be done for compensation to customers who bought a product that is so quickly not going to be as advertised?

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