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This is confusing to read on the PC forums, would make perfect sense on console forums, but on the PC forums, I'm not understanding it.

Some questions I have:

  • Will players be able to test the tags and talk about changing/reworking a few of them? If they find some redundant in order to make things more focused? How much of these changes will players be able to give feedback to and have change in the test center?
  • If you have 6 default costumes, and your character isn't wearing a default costume, will 5 of those default costumes be counted as "duplicates" and 1 of the costume be kept as a default? Or will all default costumes count as duplicate, even if you don't have any? [The reason this is important is for people who kept default because of paranoia. If they count as a duplicate, they keep it, if they don't count, they roll and try to get a new costume or a duplicate.]
  • Are we going to have player polls again for characters/costumes we'll get later in the year?
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@Metafogos said:

Serious guys... is to hard undestand WHY they not say if the License will be extand or not?

Yes, considering most pc players have felt like they've been thrown to the dogs for a year or two now.

After all the changes in the game, and a promise to work hard in the 3 platforms after the Omega Patch in PC, if the players still leaving (with our without reason) and the game still not giving proper money for the work, they can close the doors without problem.

I can't imagine server upkeep for pc is that much money, so unless it was a licensing problem, it seems bizarre to lose what is functionally a beta test server for consoles.

But if they say "we will renew the license" and the game became a "no player land", they will has a problem to shut and fight with the few ones still in game because "I still spend because you say the game will stay foreva!!!!!!!" (in judicial ways too). So is better not say about.

Why would you negotiate for console and pc licenses separately? Unless it would've cost that much more than it's worth to keep us. Most people are leaving because they feel abused and this hasn't done much but put salve on a broken arm.

We show support spending money. If you still hope for better, still spend. Or not... is your choice. But is your support and money who makes the game still alive or not.

No, I've shown my support. This reeks of trying to squeeze every last dollar out of us before the servers close up for good. And I doubt the 500 of us still left playing are enough to keep the lights on, if it's some sort of contract shenanigans cutting the life on pc short. They basically told us the game is dead on pc enough times, and the answer we got clinched it, no license extension for pc but keep pouring money in so they can utilize it elsewhere.

(to me, I still wait for the Omega Prestige is not obligatory after the first level... If there is any advantage in game mechanics for prestiging more then one time, this will became mandatory... thing about this, @Orren @AgentVapor @AgentPilot )

At that point it seems rather pointless, not sure what omega prestige will be after, we probably won't be around to see it finish the transformation.

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@MoonShield said:
Guys the reason they won't tell you the PC license is because you guys just wouldn't understand. And the CEO mentioning it before and all this crap that has happened since then is reason enough not to let that infomation out. That started all this bs.

Fact is its up to 2019 and then they would have to renew it. Otherwise it's likely the very same as a the consoles. Their goal is to get the games on equal footing so they can easily suport them all at once. They will all share the same fate.

I get it people want to hear that the game will still be around. It would if you stopped all the Trash Panda! .

This whole license thing that people keep going on about has done nothing but make new players feel like it's not worth it.

If your out then fine be out but please stop with the doom and gloom. Your only chasing off new players yourself. When the biggest issue most of you complain about is because you've already played everything in the game. The new stuff coming we may not like but until all versions are equal they won't be redesigning any of that right now.

So uninstall and go away. Leave the forums for those that wish to play and give real feedback.

Not, your didn't tell me what I want to hear.....UNINSTALLING.

I'm surprised more people aren't worried about how long Gaz is planning to keep the forums alive. The game is irrelevant. What's really fun is telling everyone how upset you are on the forums.

If the license runs out in 2019, fine. That's two years from now depending on the expiration date. I can't even say I'll be interested in playing in two years, even if the game is amazing. I don't need to plan my gaming out that far.

As for spending money, you're paying for digital assets. Any digital assets you purchase are going away someday. If that makes you uncomfortable, go buy a book.

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@sgtchris said:

@wordyrappinghood said:

@Winterthur said:

@Siddar said:
No answers on what is going to happen with currency like cube shards, commendations, etc? I am sure it has been asked, but maybe it was answered somewhere else that I missed.

Cube Shards no longer drop. You will still be able to spend the ones you currently have at Adam Warlock. He'll be taking over Clea's old Cube Shard/Fortune Card duty in addition to his Eternity Splinter responsibilities.

As for currencies like commendations. These will not be supported in the future. This doesn't mean the commendations you currently have will not have a use, but because these were tied to things that won't be with the next patch, they currently do not have a place to be spent. In the not so distant future there will be things for you guys to spend your existing currencies on.

Will something else drop in their place on terminals? It seems that this would "devalue" those activities.

They're going to make this just like the console. I don't think there are enough PC players still playing for them to care to deeply if people don't like these changes that are coming.

Wow, I guess I didn't realize that the console players had even less of a carrot to run the same dang terminals over and over again.

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