CEO & EP Q&A Announcement

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Hi All,

I've got good news and bad news on the CEO & EP Q&A Live stream. The bad news is that there was some last minute unexpected scheduling conflicts, and we can't do the stream when we wanted to this week. The good news is that rather than keep delaying things, we are putting the final touches on the questions and answers - and this will all be posted tomorrow near the latter part of the working day on the forums.

We'll still look to do and have some cool live stream opportunities coming up very soon, and we think you're definitely going to find some hard hitting questions and answers tomorrow as we continue striving to increase our communication with you, the players we are so thankful for.

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They only had one important question to be answered ..... credibility with the playerbase dropped as much as the amount of people who still play this game without endgame content!

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