Moon Knight resource (Konshu's Favor) not recharging

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This happens sometimes after you use Statue of Konshu and the cast is somehow interrupted. The skill goes on CD and the resource gain from hits stop working, being stuck at zero until death or area change.

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Sorry I haven't got to this before.

So I tried it, and did in fact get the behavior you were seeing. However, even when it does happen (No Favor, Statue of Konshu greyed you), I could still use the power to summon a statue, but without any animation. Then everything went back to normal.

I don't know if you (or anyone) tried that and it didn't work at all, or if you assumed it was broken and didn't try to use it again. I'm curious to know if it just works that way for me. I'm still going to investigate why it happens.

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@zWolfiez said:

I'm curious to know if it just works that way for me.

No sir. I did exactly what you described when I played a little day before yesterday.

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same problem to me with moon knight

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