Iron Man's Arc Reactor Trait not showing dmg increase when suit power increases

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Iron Man's first trait says his base dmg bonus is 3% of suit power, which can be increased to 6% using his first tier talent Over-Clocking.

Where should I be seeing the increase in base dmg show up when I increase suit power on Iron Man? The Trait panel does the current bonus % which does increase when I increase his suit power. But no where else does this bonus seem to be shown or displayed.

When I double his suit power from 500 to 1000 for example I can see no increase in his Base Damage stat on his character sheet. None of his dmg number on his powers bar are increased either. Testing in the training room shows no change when I add or remove the suit power. Is this a bug, or am I not understanding something about his Arc Reactor Trait?

Also please remove damage rating from the character sheet, or at least make it meaningful! When my damage rating goes from 3k to 4k my basic attack skill increases from 14,822 to 15,492 or 4.5% what does damage rating even mean.... the numbers game feels completely disconnected for the user. Useless stats sap the soul.

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When you were testing, were you in combat? The bonus triggers when you use a power, not constantly. I will need to adjust the tooltip to make it clearer, but let me know if it still isn't working.

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It is working fine. As @zWolfiez said, the bonus from suit power conversion triggers only after power use (for 10 seconds if i remember correctly). You don't have to be in combat, you can test it even in hubs, just use your Dash and you should be able to see the damage increase of your powers on their tooltips.

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