Motorcycle travel powers suddenly change direction

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It's fairly common when cruising along on a motorcycle for it to instantly change direction by 90 degrees or more. This seems to mostly correlate with being hit with an attack. Other travel powers such as flight or sprinting don't appear to have the same problem.

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I always associated it with lag, or the map loading slowly. Would like to find out if that's true or not.

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I'll have the team look into it and see if they can narrow it down. It's quite possible that @dc42 is right and there is some delayed input snapping you around.

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It's most noticeable for me when traveling in a straight line; crossing midtown to get to a boss fight, for example. I'm not moving the mouse at all (nor performing any other input apart from holding down the travel button), then I get shot and suddenly I'm pointed in the other direction.

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Happens to me every now and then also.

Am Australian so put it down to lag spike.

Think I've only ever seen it happen on Blade but could be wrong.

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Maybe it's intended?
Impacts affect your travelling direction when on bike?
That wouldn't explain why it's not happening when you are simply running or flying, though.

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If it had a 'spin out' animation, I'd buy that. It would actually be pretty awesome.

Kind of like how motorcycles used to get stuck in wheelie or front-wheelie position when you went up or down a ramp; if it had been on purpose and with a little bit of polish, I would have thought it was great.

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lol I ignored this bug since I thought there was something wrong with my mouse

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I'm almost certain it's a lag issue.
I've noticed it happening when things are rendering, when baddies or structures pop up, the bike heads toward the last point the cursor was when the render kicked in.

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As I've mentioned before, the cursor is not being moved, and if it was lag related in any obvious way, it would affect more than just motorcycles.

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