Elektra Cut a Swath and Whirling Death No 35% Dodge Enhancement

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I was using this power and talent combo with a movement build the other day in multiple instances but never saw the 35% bonus to dodge while it was active. I was watching the actual numbers on the stats page while it was active and never saw any changes. Thanks in advance!

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@zWolfiez I will try and replicate this one again this weekend but everytime I checked it I never saw the benefits on the stat sheets. If you could take a look at it when you get a chance that would be super helpful. Thanks!

Edit: I replicated 10/7/17 and nothing showed up as a change on the actual dodge stat or % modifier. Still busted.

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It might have been fixed between the last patch and now, but it appears to be working.

Something to note is that it doesn't grant you Dodge Rating or increase the multiplies, but actually adds to your dodge chance. If you hover over the Dodge Rating tooltip in the stat page, you should see the 35% bonus. Hopefully this helps.

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