New Signature Power System

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Hello all,

We have a significant hero powers improvement to announce that will roll out with the release of Squirrel Girl and the Spider-Man design review.

With our recent design reviews, including several in progress, we’ve identified several systematic improvements that are fairly obvious can be made in a reasonable amount of time.

1. We Want to Add New Powers

During each design review, we find ourselves wanting to add a few new powers for each hero; usually to create more build options and to give heroes tools to deal with tougher situations.

The game has evolved a lot since launch and heroes should also evolve. We have a list of powers that may not have existed at launch, but we are eager to add to the game.

2. We Want More Powers Like Ultimates, But Usable More Frequently

We like the idea of Ultimate powers. Big, impactful powers are fun. However, we would like to offer powers that fit that description, but have a shorter cooldown so they can be used more often on the battlefield.

Summary of Goals

  • Offer heroes more powers to unlock as they receive their design reviews.

  • Give heroes a power that is similar to an Ultimate Power, but with a shorter cooldown.

With this in mind, the hero design team is in process of implementing that strategy:

(a) Every new hero and every hero who goes through a design review will receive the following at least one additional build option added or buffed by modifying existing powers or adding more powers.

(b) All heroes will have power progression up to level 52. This can include a combination of new powers or reworked powers that are more capable of dealing with higher-level challenges.

(c) The existing level 30 Ultimate powers will be adjusted or replaced with a “Signature Power” with a much shorter cooldown.

  • For some heroes the signature power will just be their current Ultimate with a much shorter cooldown, (3 minutes or less).

  • For other heroes, this may be a brand new power or an existing power that’s been buffed and given the “Signature Power” treatment.

Summary of Implementation

Level 30 Ultimate replaced with a “Signature Power” with a cooldown of 3 minutes or less.

A power unlocked at levels 32, 37, 42 and 47. These could be a brand-new powers or a modification of existing powers.

An Ultimate Power unlocked at level 52, geared more towards tougher end-game content. This could be the hero’s existing Ultimate (likely with buffs) or a new design.

As a bonus: Any levels in a players Ultimate Power will also buff the damage of a hero’s Signature Power, making Ultimate Upgrades buff two powers instead of one. Note that all Ultimate levels will be retained when this system is implemented for each hero.

We’ve worked these changes into the Spider-Man design review, as you’ll see in a few days on test center. All new heroes released will have this feature built-in, including Squirrel Girl. As we review each hero, we’ll work these changes into the hero revisions, likely two per month until all heroes eventually heave this feature.

Spider-Man Example:

For Spider-Man’s rework, his previous Ultimate “Amazing Smash” has been reworked to web all enemies on screen, pull them into a pile and smash them all at once. The cooldown was reduced to 3 minutes and is now considered his “Signature Power”, available at level 30.

In addition, Spider-Man gets a new Ultimate at level 52 called Maximum Spider which will be quite useful for tougher end-game content.

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TL:DR You now need all heroes at least at 52 :D

Awesome, new powers, new builds, for 20+ characters... Juicy!

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New powers sound awesome.


It's going to suck having to try to roll for perfect gear when you have new powers decreasing the probability of rolling for whatever power you were trying to boost in the first place. It was bad enough having to re-roll cosmics constantly with Cable due to the fact I was only looking for 1-3 powers to boost.

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I always love to see new updates, you guys do a great job of bringing out new stuff and letting us know. Can't wait to see what happens with this involving Cykes and the info on Colossus for his upcoming.
Great job Guys!!!
Thanks @Doomsaw

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What heroes will be getting this? Iron man please?
And will our current ultimate power level points still be available when this new system
Go live?

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