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Can we impeach the CEO? :)
He's clearly trying to rid the game of its players!!

No, you can't impeach him. He paid good money for that job.

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How the existing prestige system works is still TBD, how Omega Prestige will function is even more TBD-er since and as I said before, it is most likely coming after the Omega Patch. That's not because we want to hold out or be mean, but its a simple matter of setting achievable scope for the Omega Patch and not trying to add more potential issues to it.

I appreciate the info. Better to think things through before implementing Omega Prestige. That said, if you want to implement Omega Prestige on PC this year plans are going to have to made pretty soon I would expect. Now that the "cat is out of the bag" on console, it would be very disappointing for me if PC didn't get omega prestige for a few heroes by end of this year.

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@ASros I think the thing most of us want to know regarding omega prestige is the one thing you keep avoiding (and what should be a straight forward answer). Is cosmic prestige going to be required to begin Omega prestige on the PC same as it is for the console, and if so, is cosmic staying the 25x multiplier it currently is or will it be reduced to the minuscule increase that the console prestige system uses? There's no way to please everyone on this issue, so don't try to find one. Just pick the direction that best serves the future of the game and roll from there. If that means massive amounts of time spent doing cosmic prestige in the past is mostly thrown out, then so be it. Just let us know what to expect.

Prestige is one of the few things in the game that's worth doing right now. And you've put that entire system in limbo until you tell us what the hell is going on with it.

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I've been cosmic prestiging for a while, couple of years at least.

I haven't counted, but roughly 12 - 14 characters have been cosmic prestiged, including Spider-Man.

I'm anxious on the Omega prestige announcement. Makes me wonder how that translates, IF it translates at all. Do they keep the 25x divisor on xp? If not, what about existing cosmic prestiged characters? They get ratcheted up? Or?

One concern - while prestiging, can we just scale our existing gear down? I end up having solid lvl 69 gear, but the truth is, most of the time, it's in the stash as I'm just ranking up. Sort of goes unused. We start Omega prestiging, can we use 'end game' gear and have it scale to our appropriate level? It's VERY tedious managing inventory when cosmic'ing today.

Or, if we are in mid-omega prestige, can we revert to 60 to do content (raid)?

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