Friday Summary - 8/4

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@Payneshu said:

@KomoriMan said:
We extended the XP bonus to last until 11:59 PM PDT today and the XP boost has been increased to 50%.

Is the cosmic leveling bonus on? Why not add that to the xp buff.

It is on!

@Aeoshi said:
Thanks for the XP boost. so to clarify, 42% is just for cosmic prestiging and the 50% is for all right?

The cosmic level bonus is on along with a 42% xp buff and the 50% xp buff.

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I miss @lesotheron because he's the one who would explain the different XP bonuses to me so I would know when it was a good time to cosmic prestige.

Thank you, Mystery Gifter, for the Age of Ultron and Heroes for Hire Fortune Cards!
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