are servers down?

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i'm bored...

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HI guys
I just wanted to play MH , but servers still down :'(
But FC mark 6 pls B)

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hmmmm...what to do what to do?

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@SamuRonX said:

this is now a giveaway thread!

@SamuRonX said:

raffle dance!

one random person who posts in this thread will get a Fortune Card when the servers come back up! if you don't indicate the Fortune Card you want in your post, I'll pick. every post is an entry - I won't go looking through your posts if you post more than once, so include a Fortune Card pick in every post.

good luck!

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@SamuRonX said:
tried to login just now. on the sign in screen:

"Login was cancelled. This is usually caused by a lack of memory or internet connectivity problems."


same here

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Thanks for keeping us updated AgentVapor

Skrull Fortune Card :D

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Thanks for the update and fortune cookies are tasty.

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@AgentVapor said:

@PowerMachine said:
servers are down ?????in page it says online...i cant log in half hour now...

Yes, currently the servers are still down due to a datacenter service outage. Maintenance is currently underway to bring service back online.


But, one question (The little demon on my shoulder gives me blows of fork) :
This datacenter belongs to whom?

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This is why you always keep a back up hamster!

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Whyyy I can't stay afk in my favorite afk simulator :C

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What to do,hmmm

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@koldmiser said:
This is why you always keep a back up hamster!

But what if it's a space hamster who loves to go for the eyes?

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Since I'm sure you guys aren't busy over there, now would be an awesome time to work on that never melting ice cream bar thing, right, @KomoriMan ? ;)
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Sooooo, who forgot to pay the bill?? Does anyone have an idea when it will be back?

****LockJaw for team-up!!!

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@koldmiser said:
This is why you always keep a back up hamster!

At least you did not say "back up squirrel"! My friends don't do manual labor!

hugs Tippy-Toe and her buddies and lights a candle for Monkey Joe!

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Feed that hamster!!!!!!

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