are servers down?

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im dced and i cant join is everyone like that or only me?

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Same here

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i can't login! :(

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same here

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Same. Says "Login was cancelled. This is usually caused by lack of memory or internet connectivity issues"

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:'( same, right when I was entering the raid lol, such a timing!

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yep same here too...nice i just had the time to pick a luckycard and boom dced

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emergency disconnect oh well time to play another game

dang you, dang you to heck

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yep! same here! Trash Panda! this shite!

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same. yep, counting down in MWO.

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@boltbane said:
emergency disconnect oh well time to play another game

lol yeah

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right when I started my GOTK farming for the day

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@OxfordCalculator said:
same. yep, counting down in MWO.

bleh i just had finished a 3hour session at MWO and thought to give a tiny shot of MH....felt like an UAC20 in the face

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