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Friday Summary - 7/14

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@Drazhar said:

One last question, how many of The Big One have you found? Regular version.

Only one I believe.

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Still no sign of Storm's 90s costume visual update? :-/

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Is the XP bonus for Iron-Man and Spider-Man still active?

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Is Angela's third costume going to be released this summer?

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@HiMyNameIsLeo said:
Is Angela's third costume going to be released this summer?

I'd totally throw money at them if that's a purchasable costume directly from the store.

Give me Medusa,Quake, Archangel and Hercules as playables and I'll consider buying stuffs again!!!!!


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I keep waiting for some Omega Items update.

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Great MHO stream you hosted the other day.

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@Naxuus said:

@KomoriMan said:

  • For those plotting to gather some information from me regarding our latest live-stream... good luck. :D

Not sure if this means we can or can't gather the info.

But it would be nice if you could say a word or two regarding it, just to put the whole "licence" thing to rest.

@ModMentat can you jail a Gaz employee for t-rolling

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So still no word on what event will be turned on in five days? I know you said you are extremely busy, but this is just...sad.

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Terminal will get removed after the event ends or is it perma?

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Looks amazing!

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@KomoriMan can you confirm if the vulture terminal artifacts/legendary are dropping as intended? It seem to be very low

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@Wuuren said:
@KomoriMan can you confirm if the vulture terminal artifacts/legendary are dropping as intended? It seem to be very low

I second this and also summon @Asros

Check out my hero builds! Blink! Banshee! Chamber! Husk! Longshot! Cannonball! These need some updating...

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Hero Roster 2.x

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Is there anything in the works at all for Cable? He's yet to have a VU of any kind and has not been touched at all since the BUE. While his kit isn't broken by any means, there's a lot that can be done to open up his hybrid builds to not be so restrictive as well as balance his different builds so that one build doesn't dominate all the others.

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@KomoriMan said:

@superjedimaster said:
Why showing kraven VU? I've seen it on console and PC. Also, when can we see Spider-woman? Resuming releasing costumes now that consoles are at least a little less intensive?

So here is the VU for Spider-Woman:

She looks great! Who did this visual update?

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Ooh she looks good.
Can't wait, is her SHIELD costume getting a VU?

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