Remove Seals of Conflict from "Random Currency Table"

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Please remove Seals of Conflict from the random currency table/anniversary cake - no one wants useless currencies for which vendors don't exist. This should be considered an oversight bug -- please take care of it, or insert a vendor. Thanks.

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I just got 25 of these on one of my accounts today. @Asros

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Got 25 for my day 425? login, laughed, logged out.


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@KaraAsi said:
What is gonna happen to the ones we already have ? Conversion to Eternity splinters?

or anything at all would be fine really. i have over 200 of them from the 25 random currencies boxes, even though i started after Civil War. maybe just make them Ancient Forgotten Devices?

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@Asros said:
Consider it done.

Do you guys deliver? 'Cuz I sure could go for a ribeye steak sandwich right about now.

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How do they look? I can't remember and have to search ma STASHes.

I am not proud of the numbers but you can see the my battle-tag.

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@TrohMaw said:
How do they look? I can't remember and have to search ma STASHes.

They're on the currency tab...

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forgotten devices? And what were they for again?

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LoL.... i just got some yesterday (7/12) and was like what the heck are these even for again?!

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Will Civil War event ever be returning?

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I wish Civil war event would come back :(

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@Asros - thanks for removing it.

I honestly don't care about scrubbing every instance from the game, but the currency boxes pop-up enough that it was like hitting a whammy when you got them...and they didn't likely need to be in the table.

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@sallly said:
Will Civil War event ever be returning?

Well there was Civil War II lmao...

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@Asros said:
Consider it done.

Any chance for the vendor to come back so players can spend their leftover Seals? I'm unsure how many I even have, but it seems like a good thing to do. Or convert the seals to something else, perhaps.

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I have 310 of these...I hope if they do get rid of them that we get something in exchange for them.

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@Asros said:
Consider it done.

Could you also add exchange uniqes for credits again?
I can't buy anything.

Somewhere I belong.

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Is it official that the CW event won't be coming back again?

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