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Stealth does not always work

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@zWolfiez Heroes are not always going into stealth. When using Black Widows Covert Sniper it does not always apply stealth. Dash to stealth does not always work either, I've noticed this with Black Widow and Elektra.

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Heroes should always go into stealth when using the correct power, data-wise at least. What I suspect is happening as soon as you enter stealth, some hidden power or effect is firing which is pulling you immediately out of stealth.

Looking at those powers, I can't see anything that stands out as to why the stealth effect only sometimes triggers. This is a case where gear/videos would help narrowing down the cause.

If anyone else sees the same thing, let me know and I will dig around some more.

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I agree and think the issue is that so many things we don't always observe bring us out of stealth. With Ant-Man's stealth (called "What Was That?"), I have noticed a variety of things that pull me out of stealth even though I'm still in the shrunk state.

  • ants destroy a trash can or car
  • hit by hidden projectile or DoT (grows to normal size)
  • any DoT effects I applied are still active (e.g., Drone Strike)
  • something else

I started trying to figure this out when I was constantly being hunted down by mobs even though I was shrunk.

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I would also like to add @zWolfiez that if you dash while stealthed as Nick Fury, it will take you out of stealth

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