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[BUG] psylocke finish the job gomen reset

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edited May 3

When taking the following talents:
finish the job
psi kitana

assassinate does not grant one charge of kirisute gomen
I have tested taking cut once instead of psi kitana and the charges are granted when using assassinate.

my current talent set up is 31132

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@zWolfiez was this ever checked? I justed tested again and still not granting the kg charge when using assassinate.

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bump, still encountering same bug.

@zWolfiez @AgentVapor @KomoriMan

GazillionLocation Behind the CurtainPosts: 187 Staff

I believe I took care of this in my last big batch of bug fixes that will be coming in the next patch. You will have to let me know if something is still messed up though.

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