Today starts A.R.M.O.R. event. Who doesn't have everything useful they can buy from this event?

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@Rasetsu said:

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It can seem that way yet I look back at the listed bug fixes in the patch notes and see that the fixes that went as expected outweigh the fixes that had unintended additional consequences. The things that are done right are never spoken of again. It's the "mistakes" that get all the attention and since they are repeated often it may feel like what you guys say can be the case.

That's how this sort of thing goes though. It's been the case for as long as I've been alive.

I honestly don't care that much about bug, On the other hand I care very much about bad game design and outdated game design (and they are often going hand in hand).

But I don't think they really want to rework the events, @asros has said in one of his stream (the one in which he said that the BUE was completed for them) that they thought the Events were not healthy for the game (something I tend to agree with). That's why currently they don't plan on adding events to the console version. But they can't just not do Events anymore on the PC version because the (remaining) population has grown used to the constant event rotation (and the fluctuation in XP boost/loot etc).

Well we know what they have planned now. There was such a thirst for that knowledge and it has been quenched. Anything that deviates from their plan will require an adjustment of time allocation. The myriad of fixes to various parts of the game would have to be prioritized but that hierarchy will change based on who you ask.

So while we are on the topic of setting one priority over an other (fixing this specific event's rewards) let's just fix all of them. It's an equivalent demand.

Realistically we just have to ride out the roadmap and hope that the fixes that follow will be prioritized with the efficiency of their implementation kept in mind. More would be better in my opinion.

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A little bit offtopic but does the armor Event still give you 100% xp then atleast I would have something to do :)

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Looks like they forgot to turn on 100% exp bonus from armor event.
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@Beldin2 said:
You can still burn 900 drives each day trying to get good armored catalysts.

That. IMO ARMOR is maybe their best event right now as far as having good stuff to spend currency on, given how many potential combinations of affixes armored catalysts have. Not to mention all the alternate reality runes I'll still want when I've spent all my currency on catalysts.

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So, I've only ever bought cores. Is there something else I should buy from Jocasta (like certain artifacts that are useful to certain heroes)?

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I don't play for any of the events and haven't for months. The update went out half-baked and nuked any incentive I had to play for items I have no excitement to have. I'm also told - I think - that they won't be all the useful at some point - maybe.

It's just been poorly handled top to bottom and asks alot from the client base.

I log in and log out. Itemization is the foundation of the genre and its never been in a worse state for me.

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I guess the 10Ks new players the BUE brought in and retained.

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Like others have said the catalysts are useful for me. I get the least mileage nowdays out of cosmic chaos to be honest. Tho I've been trying to do prestige a bit more now that the closet costume made its way to ps4. Want to load up on blender fodder before they nix it.

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I expect zero vendor updates till the omega stat changes are implemented. No point in doing the work twice.
Would be a large waste of resources.

this just in from Marvel!

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@DJCaseyD said:
So, I've only ever bought cores. Is there something else I should buy from Jocasta (like certain artifacts that are useful to certain heroes)?

you don't use alternate reality runes on uniques?

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I need lots of drives as I just got to the point of buying stuff for my first charrie.

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@mungusCREEP said:
We should fix everything all at once.

To be fair, When the BUE hit things did all change at once so why not again but for the better?

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@Asros said:

@orangedin said:
Looks like they forgot to turn on 100% exp bonus from armor event.
@KomoriMan @Asros

Yes, it is on.

I got around 60kk exp per 1 cosmic terminal boss in previous armor events. Now it's only 34kk like in odin event with 50% exp. Armor exp boost doesn't work or you just ninjanerfed exp from cosmic bosses.

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ARMOR event is one of their best for the catalysts alone. There are quite a few junk ones for any good catalysts you manage to rng, but even still the armored cats are worth it.

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soooo...anyone getting their daily login reward (bounty box) from armor event?

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I'm having fun with it. :) I got one reward yesterday. Nothing today, but shrug

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@Beldin2 said:
You can still burn 900 drives each day trying to get good armored catalysts.

This is what I do. I have bad luck though.

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