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Iron Man's Upgrade Jet Thrusters

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I am using Upgrade Non-Lethal Systems so the Coolant Blast can buff my Death from Above. Now, I am by my choice to play Iron Man as melee compelled to also pick Upgrade Jet Thrusters.

Here's my concern. In my rotation Coolant Blast follows Jericho Bombardment before I hit Death from Above. Pretty logical so far. In fact, with Coolant Blast and Jericho Bombardment each having 6 second cooldowns, it does make a lot of sense. My problem here is the logic of Upgrade Jet Thrusters.

I am fine with it consuming HP because it may get hot inside the suit. The thing is, heat generation is way too slow. I need to at least achieve above 50% heat in order for this talent to make sense. I was reading the tooltip and it tells me that "While Overheated, Coolant Blast clears all Heat and deals 100% more damage". Looking at my rotation, the moment I hit Coolant Blast, I'm just getting near 50% heat.

My questions are:

  1. Despite the description of Coolant Blast to only clear the Heat when I am Overheated, it however clears any heat produced even if I'm not Overheated. This leads to not being able to reach more than 50% Heat in my rotation. Is this intentional? Is this merely a case of misunderstanding the tooltip or is this a bug? Should it be the case that Coolant Blast only clears my Heat only when Overheated?

  2. If this is the intention, how OP will Iron Man be if the mechanics mentioned in Upgrade Jet Thrusters is actually followed? My melee War Machine is so far ahead of my melee Iron Man in this. I understand that not all heroes are created equal, but... please have a look at this and don't tell me about balance (I'm looking at you Blade).

I don't know who to tag, but the last time I had some questions it was @zWolfiez who replied so...

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@zWolfiez said:
I've got a fix coming so that Coolant Blast will only clear out your heat if you are overheated...which is how it was meant to be. I've got a lot of bug fixes coming up in the next big patch, which includes this.

I don't know when TC next will be available, but you should see these changes then. Please let me know if something still isn't right or I missed something.

Thank you so much.

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@zWolfiez here is something I wrote about the heat mechanic. I hope it can be further improved.

Heat Mechanic
Love the idea for the talent. To bring some more physical, brutal part from War Machine to Iron Man. But it's not the best from logic stand point and mechanic on it's own.

WM heat is generated by most ranged and used by melee powers.
Here melee generate and use it - ok for melee only.
Explanation: Jet Thrusters that generate heat and work better in heat.

WM gives some powers bonus some powers are disabled.
Here melee gets bonus but you start to lose hp until you use 1 power.
Mechanically it look more like Blade's Hunger where we deal more dmg but loose hp and need serum. Extremis Healing Nanites allow you to be in the buffed state all the time losing and gaining health at times.

Instead of taking so much dmg it could be -Hp/5 and/or +Spirit Costs.
Of course taking less dmg would also work.

After this food for thought some other possible versions.

Overcharged Jet-Thrusters
All mechanism that allow IM fighting in melee are made in such a way that they are overcharged generating heat but also working much better while heated up. All other systems are prepared for this orvercharged state and able to redirect energy as needed.

  • Melee powers generate heat that goes down on their.
  • After reaching 50% heat you are heated there's visual heat around IM. Your melee powers deal more dmg.
  • After reaching 100% heat you are in overdrive which is even more visual. Your melee powers deal additional dmg and have heat vfx.
  • When in overdrive your systems have to keep you from overheating. To do this it diverts power from other systems. Non Melee powers deal -X% dmg, You lose X hp/5 and most power costs are increased by X% armor power.
  • Coolant Blast v. A. reduces all heat dealing more dmg for more heat.
  • Coolant Blast v. B. is charged power that when only pressed/taped reduces heat by 33/100 allowing you to maintain the heated state. But if charged it spends all avialable heat for more dmg and if it's 100 heat it hits as an expulsion of fire all around while cooling the armor. Allowing you to stop melee fighting if you want.

Energy Redirection System
Both rockets and every kind of repulsion generate heat on the armor. This heat is redirected to the special systems that use this heat to deal more dmg with melee attacks. If there is too much heat some systems will shut down.

  • Rockets, Lasers, Repulsors, Thrusters generate heat.
  • After reaching 50% heat the energy storages become active for Xs. Melee hits use heat and deal additional dmg. Melee hits have visual effects. If after Xs still over 50% effect refreshes.
  • After reaching 100% heat is so big that for Xs all non-melee heat generators are shut down and melee powers deal additional dmg. Visual effect on all IM. -Hp/5 or taking some dmg.
  • Coolant blasts like in previous style. So either normal or 1/3 which allows you to keep the 50-100 buff.
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Why not allow coolant blast to apply a burn since you are venting heated air (think water cooled loop in a computer you dont vent water >.>if you vented coolant you would have serious issues XD). jokes aside coolant blast should provide a burn layer would make this ability really interesting too

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Well, we don't really know how the cooling system of his suits work.I assume his suit has coolant reserves that replenish overheated coolant that's being blasted out.

Blasting heated coolant out of the system is indeed an excellent way to reduce heat rapidly, as long as you replace it equally fast with some cooler stuff.

But, yes, there should also be a DoT burn damage layer because no matter if it's superheated steam or water, if it hits someone it will cause burns. Realistically that is.

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