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Midtown Patrol Moloids not spawning!

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As requested, tagging @KomoriMan @AgentVapor

I noticed both of these while playing in Cosmic Midtown yesterday or today with Human Torch or Invisible Woman. I don't think those facts are important but just in case!

During Frightful Four boss wave, Wizard doesn't have a boss indicator (the exclamation point you can turn on in gameplay options) The other three bosses do.

For both of my play sessions, I was hunting their subterranean achieves. While there are lots of lava man for Human Torch's, there no longer seem to be independent Moloid spawns. Some spawn with Mole Man, but the independent groups of 4 standing around a car or the groups that include the big bruiser guys no longer appear, as far as I can tell. It's possible it could be luck, I suppose, but in >1 hr I haven't seen any of them, and have run across all the other enemy types with no issues.

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It's not luck, I just spend about 2.5 hours zooming around Midtown and didn't find any of them. It can't possibly want us to finish these achievements JUST by using Mole Man spawns, that would take darn near forever.

Please, please, please fix this. Impossible achievements aren't fun.

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Yeah, I wanted to confirm that I spent another 2.5 hours in midtown (buff timer are so handy for counting this!) and only saw moloids at moleman. help!

@zWolfiez @KomoriMan @AgentVapor

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I will pass this along to our content team and see if there have been any changes.

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There used to be a LQ with moloid and lava men. It is now just lava men. I am guessing that is when the moloids became sparse.

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