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Annnd thank you again for giving me a new crack!

I die...ALOT, in the name of the Emperor, but I've been starting to take more traitorous scum out when I do.

My kill to death is at about 1-5, but I'm having a blast doing it!

Just takes soo long to gain aps and exp when you aren't good. :-)

So glad you like it!

As I said, probably not the best War40k game ever, but a hell of a good ride in my opinion. Especially now that it is kind of free to play. I'm an early buyer and I dont have any regret.

And regarding K/D ratio, you should not worry too much about it. Yours is pretty good that early to be honest. And if you focus on objectives you should already get quite a good bunch of xp per map. Either attack and cap/heal (second option the best, apothecaries are like xp magnet thanks to their nades), or defend with the godly heavy bolter.

And all of this kind of motivated me to give it another try tonight. Will probably go purge some heretics soon or later ;P

I thought could be that one, because DoW 3 Open Beta starts tomorrow and not sure if I'll download it. Already preordered so I can wait a few days more.

Anyone of you is playing only the new capped F2P version? You get less XP, bla, bla...

I'm asking because I had the game before it went F2P, in fact I told @ArchKnightHough to buy it on a Humble Bundle for that price, though is far to be perfect it was worth it. Anyway when they launched F2P version, they gave us 2 keys. I already gave those to two friends, but recently they gave another copy to gift on Steam. If I'm not wrong this is the uncapped version and it has RTC worth $20 to buy stuff in their shop.

So if anyone wants it, just say it.

Unless anyone of you is a bloody heretic. I know Arch isn't, but now I'm not so sure about Vayhn (; ͡°_ʖ ͡°)

Yeah, and I was intrigued when you suggested it :-)

Actually I think @Vayhn gave me one of their free keys, because that is what I got.

Based on yours and Vayhn's suggestion I gave it a whirl...and I'm kinda hooked.

(three more weeks of school! then crack out time!)

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