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NEWS FEB 23, 2014

Hi Everyone, I am starting a new thread and reconstructing the list.

See you all there.

2.0 Current Heroes are now ranked in all modes with Red terminal clears (not just boss rush)/X defense and MM being the primary means of evaluating. For 2.0 I am removing the Trend Score in favour of an "indicator" a +/- next to the score to suggest the Trend. I am also removing the Gaz Score as I will be adjusting downwards the list as a whole and this score would likely go down, even though they are working hard to make improvements.

List is Currently "Stable". Several Heroes have already moved around quite a bit. I have also been much less forgving with the Intangibles score which has the effect of increasing the difference between the have and have nots.

Ties are now resolved with Power Score

Added November 5th:
Each Hero now has a separate Power Score listed directly adjacent to their overall Hero Score. Power Score is the total of DPS, Def, CC, AOE and Party *.5 (rounded down). This score is used to determine the Power Tier List found immediately after the Hero Ladder Rankings.

For anyone interested an End Game Tier List can now be found in post #6. I have set it up as an Alpha Reference

Everyone can contribute I have set up the categories so that any player of any level can add commentary that will have an impact on the hero’s total score. In this way the ladder is not "elitist" and only of value to high level players. It is now and shall forever be accessible and relevant to all players at all stages.

The “Ranking List” can be found in the following few posts and is separated by tiers.

Please take a moment before skipping down there to read these notes.** I apologize for the length, but it is important to understand the context behind the rankings. This will help in offering feedback and making a case on any particular hero; if you feel they are ranked too high or too low.


Each hero is given a “Total Point” score, which is added together from all of the values in the “Category Ratings” (out of 100). Heroes are then placed in the ladder based on this score and Divided into Tiers as follows:

Galatic: 90 or more
Super Heroic: 80 - 89
Heroic: 75 - 79
SideKicks: 74 or less

Category Scores Ratings

Found at bottom of each hero. The ratings are used to generate a total score, which in turn places the hero in the rankings. The category score ratings (other than "Intangibles" - which is a bonus for helping the average score and "Trend" which is an adjustment) for a total of up to 100 points (as iterated above). The number in brackets is the maximum point value that can be obtained from this particular category. I have added a date to both the write up and category scores, so anyone can see when the last update was made to either.

Design (20): This point value represents the general quality of design of the hero. I.e. creative skill trees, not buggy, interesting versatility, interaction between gear and skills, community feedback and Gaz response, etc…

Defense (18): Suggests a hero’s ability to survive under pressure in a sustained attack.

DPS (15): Relative sustained damage a hero can put out on a single target: particularly bosses.

AOE (12): Relative damage in an area and effectiveness in clearing waves of mobs.

CC (10): Ability to control the movement and actions of mobs.

Party (8): Measures the party buffs and presence of powers that are particularly helpful for group play and/or benefit a party more so than soloing.

Scaling (5): How well a Hero scales after reaching Max Level.

Progression (4): A Hero’s general ease of progression until the end game

Ease (4): Measures the general skill factor needed to play this hero effectively. A score of (1) suggests a hero requires practice and patience to play well. A score of (4) suggests that a hero is very easy to play, even casually and will still have a significant impact.

Gear (4): Measures the relative importance of good gear on this hero. A Score of (4) suggests little farming is needed for the hero to do well. A score of (1) is indicative of substantial gear required to be effective.

Intangibles (+0 to +15): This value is a "bonus" value. This category measures everything else. Such as popularity, "fun factor", costume selection, voice over, animation - the things that make you want to actually play a hero or invite them into your group regardless of his or her min/max abilities. This is an important category and very subjective to the will of the community and varying opinions. If you feel a hero should receive a higher/lower score, but you just can't put your finger on why, press your case with intangibles. This value is considered a "bonus" value.

Trend: An indication of what you can expect for this Heroes future. This no longer affects the score.


The first step is to develop a "criteria" a "standard" that is being used to begin this process. In this case, the "standard" is overall effectiveness. It is not just a list of which hero can dish out the most DPS. Rather, this list takes into account every facet of a hero’s contribution; both in solo play and in group play from level 1 - 60. Survivability, mobility, versatility, fun factor, holistic skill interaction and importantly (but often over looked) party support.

With criteria established, the next step is to analyze the "on paper" stats of a hero. What are his/her skills, how powerful are they, do they appear to work well together, and are there multiple build paths? Furthermore, we ask what is the relative (to other heroes) damage per second (DPS), damage mitigation, crowd control, mobility, boss killing efficiency, mob clearing effectiveness and more. By studying each hero we can begin to understand (in conjunction with our personal knowledge base and experience) how each hero is likely to perform “out in the field” and thus start forming a basic "working theory" for their individual rankings.

Armed with a criteria and first-step analysis, we then go out into the field and test the "working theory". This can be done by either directly playing a hero OR by observing said hero employed by other players and if nothing else, read about the experiences that others are having. We then consider how said hero performs in various situations, but we have to have a "control" i.e. a place where the playing field is "the same for everyone".

With the criteria, initial analysis, observation and revised analysis in place we can now put the findings in a public space for a "Peer Review". Thus anyone who may have some ideas of their own (backed with their own personal testing/experience) can offer some good insight to further adjust the formed list and begin the process of consensus

As a myriad of ideas come up for discussion, thus begins a healthy debate - a back and forth assertion of varying ideas will start to happen. A true consensus is nearly impossible to achieve (i.e. where everyone agrees with everything), but certainly a reasonable consensus can be achieved.

As the OP I am guiding and moderating the consensus in as an impartial a way as I can. True, I cannot be completely impartial (no one can) and inevitably there will be my own personal bias (to some degree) in these rankings. But someone has to do it and I believe I am qualified to do at least a fair-to middling job of it.

A disclaimer for the above: While I do want some "Science" to be an important part of these rankings there is and will always be an equal part of "feel" and "science in the rankings. There are too many variables and too many potential areas for debate, which will bog down the progress of the consensus.

IF you disagree with the rankings... please read the following...

Please do not just drop in to place a disagree flag and leave in silence; express your opinions. The list, no matter how arrived at is still, just a collection of opinions. None of us can prove or disprove a list which is half science and half "feel". I share the 5 step method with you in case you want to participate in the discussion (which I hope you do). If you disagree with the specific placement of a hero and would like your position to be considered, you must at least provide along with your personal opinion some sort of explanation; more detail will result in more sway. The best way to do this is by implementing a side by side comparison between the hero you feel should move up/down and another whose place you feel they should occupy. It is also very helpful if you qualify your experience with a particular hero either by direct play (or at what level) and observations you have made.

I promise you that your arguments will be given my full attention and weighed with my own ongoing research and the comments of others. Thus, together, we can present for the community and the Devs a very comprehensive, well considered and constantly monitored list.

Thank you very much for reading through all of the above!

Credits There have been many posts in this forum that have been instrumental in helping shape these rankings. Some contributors have stopped by on numerous occasions and I feel they deserve a mention here for the excellent commentary they have provided on an ongoing basis:@harrytasker, @Tsukho, @shnauser, @soryu, @jlaest, @leloric, @Mrduckie, @jjfunaz. @Makulu,@Elwinz, @Glockner, @Conviction, @tracerbullet, @captainzolzonzu, @Pjotroos As well, a special thank you goes out to @Scourm for a complete edit of the content. Thank you! And to everyone else who has helped along the way.

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great job!!

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Cable, Emma and Jean, top 3 forever?We will see.

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For the new ratings i think it would be better if you rate on a scale with numbers better than writing very good/Supreme

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@CNBlue said:
For the new ratings i think it would be better if you rate on a scale with numbers better than writing very good/Supreme

I am going to do that :)

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I've been so hesitant to grab Emma because I always see plays bugs associated with any mention of her being strong. How much of her current rating is attributed to bugs/where would she fall if these bugs were corrected or not utilized?

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Awesome list!

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With this new idea this ranking has just gone from awesome to super uber awesome. Congratulations man! If you need any help with this tell me.

And btw, Emma's Stab is misplaced :P.

Next hype: Magneto (60/400 splinters)

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@Exqzr I just want to chime in and say that Cables total %mitigation is only roughly about 5% lower than Emma.

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@HarryTasker said:
Exqzr I just want to chime in and say that Cables total %mitigation is only roughly about 5% lower than Emma.

When similarly geared..??

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@Nyghtmare said:
When similarly geared..??

I average 58% on Cable and, again, this is my personal experience, but the geared Emma's I've seen hover around 63%. Maybe I'm wrong

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