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Wow. Just wow. And...

Inb4 nuclear meltdown.

IN 3...2...1

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Better communication would be nice.

They posted on Twitter, Facebook and the forums when it went down and provided updates and we now have a banner at top of forum. What else do you want? Komoriman to come round your house and apologise and provide you with incident reports :-??

Would it kill them to send me a basket of muffins, as a sign of goodwill?
What kinds of monster ARE they?

I like muffins...and some mimosas...yeah, muffins and mimosas, that's the ticket ;-)

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Personally I have not been affected by these rollbacks but I empathize with the folk that have and if a 9hr downtime is what it takes to fix this then so be it...I don't want apologies, compensation or empty explanations...I just want the game to work as it should, I mean ffs I do not get bent out of shape by downtime but what really burns my arse is when the same thing happens over and over again so take all the time you want and just make sure this does not happen again. :D

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If nothing else, this thread has shown the worst of the forum from both sides of the spectrum.

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I will say one thing. Downtime is like lending money.

If a friend has a problem like they are out of food, am I willing to give them $20 or $30 bucks? Sure. If a friend has a problem they need $100 or $200, I'm generally not willing to do that. General rule is, as long as you stay within the 5% of my paycheck margin, I will gladly do it. Anything over that, yeah, I'm probably not. (Keep in mind, I live in South Africa, where EVERYONE is asking for something all the time).

When there is an outage, I expect that the outage will be 0-3 hours. I don't expect to play during that time. After 3 hours, I am going to expect that it will be back up. So I will start pinging the servers after that. With this being a 9 hour outage, that meant for about 6 hours, I was pinging the servers. Sure, that is my fault. But there is always what people have in their heads as what is an expected time to this types of events. If there had been a little more detailed information about what the database error was, or that it was going to be an involved process, I probably would have pinged the servers maybe only once an hour.

I do agree that Gaz gets burned by giving ETA's that if they don't meet, then people go off on them. I guess maybe a comment on the severity of the issue might give people a better idea. Like a normal level support event might be 0-15 minutes, heroic level support event 0-2 hours, cosmic level support event 3+ hours.

This isn't a bashing post. I'm trying to bridge the gap between those who are still upset, and those who don't see it as a big deal....

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@Gileam said:
So being that said. The complaint is flawed and thus should be ignored and forgotten as the prattling from someone who does not appreciate the generosity this game provides to its players.

A simple Thank you would suffice from us to them because they are greatly appreciated for all the great things they do for this community.

Really? A thank you? Simply becuase the game exists at all? Any criticism is thus nullified? Server stability is essential for the platform. We shouldnt have to thank them for basic functionality. And again this is just the latest example.

The last seven weeks have been very bumpy and its getting worse if you ask me.

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