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(Filed) Gambit talent bugs

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edited March 16

Jacks or Better - Wild Card is requiring 10 attacks for explosion instead of 5. If you watch the card counter the first explosion occurs on the fifth throw but every explosion after is requiring 10. Edit: Also, the talent and tooltip should be consistent with stating "every 5 attacks" vs "every 5 cards" since DMH can technically contain 5 cards in a throw and it doesn't apply this buff to every hand.

Shuffle Up & Deal - Only one HoC can be active at a time which causes failure of the talent if you use Bo Vault or Fold 'Em within 4s of each other.

Ace of Spades - tooltip still reads as rocket-propelled arrow.

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one month bump...

Still wanting to properly try these talents that don't seem to be functioning according to their description.

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bump for @zWolfiez

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Another patch with no mention of Gambit fixes. :-S

I'm trying to be helpful here but my persistence is waning. Can you please file these bugs @zWolfiez? [-O<

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