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(Filed) [Doom] Power announcements

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Multiple times while prestiging I noticed that I was seeing the "New power gained" announcements on screen for powers that Doom doesn't get. Sometimes even at levels that you don't get powers/talents.

Sometime between 10 and 12 (was playing red difficulty so sometimes would get multiple levels) I got an announcement that I had learned "Unyielding Power" which is a Loki power. Not positive I got the Latverian Blockade message since it all scrolled by so fast.
Level 14 got "Mystic Rejuvenation" message which is Dr. Strange. No new powers for Doom at 14 at all.
When I hit level 57, I got an announcement that I had learned new power. There are no new powers at 57. I got distracted and forgot what power it was but am re-prestiging so will update this as I find more.

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Level 22: Seven Rings of Raggadorr
Level 26: Benevolent Seraphim - No announcements for Crumble Fools, or Worthless Cretin.

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Is Rogue cosplaying as Doom?

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Level 32: Fire and Frost
Level 40: Wind and Sky
Level 42: Mysticism Unleashed
Level 44: Astral Invocations

The thing is, they're not even appearing at the levels the other hero would even get them. Some wires really crossed here.

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Level 54: Astral Legion
Level 57: Seal of Hoggoth

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This is certainly interesting. We will investigate this as soon as we can. Does this only happen with Doctor Doom, or has this happened with other heroes?

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I believe I saw it happen a few times with Bucky, but I wasn't paying attention, and I did have an EXP boost, so it could have just been his talents coming in really quickly.

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I have all heroes and have been re-prestiging them all post BUE. So far, Doom is the only one that I've seen this happen with. I could have just not noticed on others though.

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This is just Doom demonstrating his Mastery of all things, even those things that aren't worthy to be used by him.

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This also happened to me as well while prestiging Doom.

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Wait i am confused,

Are you saying that instead of hearing Dr.Dooms power announcements you hear Dr.Strange ones?

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Interestingly I was 60'ing up Dr Strange for the first time this weekend and the same thing happened to me... an announcement for a power I didn't get. It happened when I was around level 50-56 or something so there was nothing for me to actually GET, unless it might have been triggered by the final talent level which could honestly be the case since when I went in to look I hadn't selected a talent there yet. Could be I just hadn't selected yet, but that's the only thing I could think that might have unlocked at the time to trigger the announcement.

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One thing to keep in mind is that power announcements are not terribly fast, so if you are gaining levels quickly then you may just be seeing them catching up. This is especially true if some other announcements interrupt the power gain ones.

This doesn't really explain seeing Doctor Strange announcements, unless you managed to power level Dr. Strange very quickly, then swap to Dr. Doom while there is still a backlog of announcements that have yet to be displayed.

I'm not too familiar with that system, nor is it detrimental to game play so it may take some time to resolve in favor of fixing other, more pressing bugs, but I have it in our system and we will look into it as soon as we can. I'm leaving this open for a while longer in case there are other instances players will want to add, but please refrain from posting unless it directly related to the topic.

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I don't even have Doctor Strange unlocked, and when levelling Dr Doom for the time (white) I received the "Wind and Sky" unlock notification upon hitting 40. Powers aren't even unlocked at that level so I had to look it up online to see what the power actually was, and found out it belonged to Doctor Strange.

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Just finished prestiging Doom last night - definitely just a Doom thing (I've prestiged 55 characters or so since BUE, and I've not noticed incorrect announcements on any of them).

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@SpaceMomo said:
Wait i am confused,

Are you saying that instead of hearing Dr.Dooms power announcements you hear Dr.Strange ones?

Yes, while leveling Doom you get a mix of odd Dr. Strange and Loki announcements.

No @zWolfiez, I hadn't recently leveled the other heroes and had some weird backlog. Just Doom. I agree it's minor, just glad someone is letting us know these are filed and entered somewhere!

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It sounds like the issue is contained just to Doctor Doom, so that is where I will do my digging. As I said before, its only a visual issue, so it won't likely be looked at for a while in favor of fixing bugs that directly affect gameplay.

If anyone sees this occur with other heroes, feel free to send me a message. For now, I've logged this into our internal tracker and will close this thread. Thank you all for your cooperation.

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