Official Marvel Heroes Moderators!

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This is what we needed. 4 ppl with different views on what could possibly be offensive. If I represent a idea in a silly way is that considered offensive.. if someone shares that idea? Is it considered mocking? The answer doesn't matter all it takes is 1 to find it offensive.

Welcome to the forums.

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@Aerax said:

@KomoriMan said:
Ahoy-hoy folks,

As we launched the Biggest Update Ever, we knew that we wanted more official eyes on our forums. Players that could help us(in reality, @AgentFenixion) keep peace on the forums, close threads, delete unwanted posts, provide insight and more.

We reached out to this great community of ours secretly and received our 3 new moderators! Please Welcome...

I'm a little bit confused.

So you guys reached out to fellow players to help moderate discussion?

I guess my questions would be:

  • Do you play the game?

  • Did/do you use the forums before this?

  • Can we ask you for help with all of the stuff we would normally ask say Fenix or Komori? (ex: making a thread/closing a thread/editing a thread etc.)

  • Is this your first time being a mod?

  • Who is your favorite Marvel character & why?

  • What was the first video game you ever played?

  • What was your all time favorite video game & why?

  • What do you love about Marvel Heroes? (if you answered yes to the first question)

Welcome to the community!

This should hopefully take some of the work load off of @AgentFenixion I was worried that he might need a vacation after all the forum hoopla

Some nice questions, mine:

  • Have you been warned or jailed before? (Need to know my chances)

I hate everyone

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Welcome Friends. :)

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HeyGuys #inserttwitchemote

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Will they watch for spam accounts that try to sell artifacts for real money in the game chats too?

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Welcome to the forums and looking forward to your actions.

Waiting for Hercules and Jubilee to come.

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Man, now there's MORE people that can put me in jail/suspension? Uggggggggg

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now lets play the guessing game. who do you suspect the mods are?

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All of this welcoming... haha.

These guys have been here for a long time now.

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More eyes on the forums...I'm in trouble now.

Bye guys <3

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Secret Police, eh?

Good thing there's no historical precedent of that every going badly.

Good luck to the NARCS! (I mean new mods)!

(I have this premonition that @GnomeErcy is certainly one of them.)

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This is a super smart idea that won't backfire at all.

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@PsiLocke said:
Welcome aboard! Just remember on thing: only humans can be moderated. The rest of us are beyond your reach. Now that @Ryolnir is gone, I will never be banned again...

You know Mentats were brought about to replace thinking machines...Gaz Butlerian Jihad is beginning!

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