Midtown Madness

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@Sethatron said:

Have I gotta idea for You......MADNESS you say? How about you Buff Destructable items, Trash Cans, Newspaper Bins, Hotdog stands, Cars, etc.

That's actually a really cool idea :) I already spend a good deal of my time with the little mini events cause I'm an xp orb Trash Panda! , so this is right up my alley.

On an unrelated note, @Ryolnir do you guys... you know... sleep? It's 10:30PM and I've seen at least 4 different devs mulling around the forums :P

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@DarknessEternal said:
Just because you don't like something doesn't mean it's unlikable.

I'm glad you enjoyed it and i wasn't presuming to speak for anyone but myself and the few friends i've played with during it since we've agreed it's not been a very interesting or enjoyable event because of the grind. People are different though and that's why i don't begrudge people that feel differently to me anything. I am however the type of person who'll make the odd mischievous (well that's one polite word for them) comment when it comes to my thoughts on things. :P I'm like that.

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@Ryolnir said:
Who sleeps before 10:30PM?

What is this "sleep" you speak of?

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@Tzeentch said:

I just love the total geeked out nerd face Ryolnir has in that picture holding his new toy/statue. :P

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@Ryolnir said:
Who sleeps before 10:30PM?

Given that this community is full of nerds, I suppose "sleep" was the wrong word. I guess I'm still surprised by the dev activity in this game.

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Are they ever going to fix the Dr.Doom Bug?....I would really like to beat the Story Part of the game and get to where everyone else is at. seems like you get to him, then the game is Shot to hell. please fix the bugs so I can finish the story part of the game. other than that,I have a great time beating the hell out of the Bosses and Mobs. :)

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@Ryolnir said:
I will never not be creeped out by that spreading around so often.

Don't be
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Can you guys limit the number of players per terminal to 5? Or make a solo midtown?

The potential lag from 10+ players at the boss sites for the event is going to give me nightmares.

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@Darxis said:
What is this "sleep" you speak of?

Now, it's theoretically possible you don't know who Wolverine is, but all of us know what sleep is. It's that thing we do during Wolverine movies.

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edit. reading is fundamental. Derp... :)

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@Ryolnir said:
Sorry, it's actually starting at 3PM when Bounty Hunter Week ends!

So will there still be a chance to get the drives and the new boss loots?

If so, what about bosses that don't usually appear in Midtown, like Sister Minister?

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I love Midtown as well but the XP really sucks in there normally :(

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How about removing that chance to drop armor drives along with all other holiday items please. Would be nice to have an event where the loot tables are not congested and borked.

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@Ryolnir said:
I will never not be creeped out by that spreading around so often.

Neither will we, sir. Neither. Will. We.


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