Marvel Heroes 2.46 Patch Notes

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New Content

One-Shot Story - Wakandan Vibranium Mines

The Wakanda One-Shot Story mission is the first of many new pieces of story content to come. One-Shot Stories are similar to Terminals in that they can be run multiple times, but feature unique story and gameplay elements that flesh out the Marvel Heroes universe.

Stop Man-Ape, the Wizard, and Smythe’s Spider-Slayers from taking over one of Wakanda’s largest Vibranium Mines and work with the Dora Milaje to prevent large caches of Vibranium from being stolen!

Midtown Madness Event!

Between Friday at 3PM and next week’s patch, we’re going to be buffing bosses in Midtown, Manhattan! In addition, bosses will be able to drop their Terminal-Exclusive loot as well as having a chance to drop A.R.M.O.R. Research Drives that players can exchange for items from Jocasta.

Hero Changes

With this patch, we’ve made a pass on our ‘stealth’ mechanics! Now, only using combat powers will break stealth on use.

Stealth will no longer break in the following situations:

  • Using a movement power that does not hit/cc an enemy
  • Using a buff, cleanse, or non-combat power
  • On DoT’s while they are ticking after the initial cast
  • Using a Medkit

Invisible Woman

The Crusher will now teleport to Sue if she gets too far away.

Invisible Woman will now be invulnerable for 3 seconds during her Ultimate's casting animation.

Enemy Changes

Damage while in a group has been adjusted to be more rewarding, bringing it closer in-line with playing alone.

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