First peek at Sue

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She has just been approved ^^ this is her model sheet and she is in her TPose but she is also going into rigging and then I will do some nice renders of her in poses for you guys if you want.

Hope you will like her ^^


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Nice job!

I came, I saw, I spent to much.

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I thought the contrast between her hair and skin tone felt off on her subforum icon. Glad to see that's no longer the case. Lookin' good!

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Wow she looks... well... Fantastic! :D b-(

Nice work @TheDink :) I would love to see some posed renders once she's rigged, btw.

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That's awsome! :D

Compared to the npc that model looks like it was made by god himself XD

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Awesome and quite different from the npc, cant wait to see the rigged posed version, you guys seem to get better and better at models and costumes, guess its just experience and new tech etc.

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