Team-Ups are nice, new toons are better, but new content is best.

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This was recently raised by @Quintessence in another thread by @Skelemania . And I think it bears more scrutiny.

This game has improved by leaps and bounds over where it was upon release. Let's face it, everything is better. Everything. We'll pretend Tokengate never happened. :) But what hasn't improved much is the actual stuff to do.

We're almost a year into it and we have received one additional story chapter. I know people will say 'We got MM and Xdef, as well as PvP!' Correct, but we had Limbo which was removed, so with the addition of MM and Xdef that's a veritable wash. And I have one person in my entire guild who plays PvP. Most of us don't go near it and pretty much everyone I associate with in-game or here don't either. Face it, Xdef and MM are nice for a little while, but that gets boring very quickly. Especially if you're there to farm and nothing worthwhile is dropping. But that's another discussion. You can only run the current story line so many times with so many toons before it stops being fun and starts being a mandatory chore.

Terminals? 3 new added in almost a year, one very recently. But those are still rehashes of story mode. And there isn't a great deal to do with Cube Shards atm. I have almost 300 and not much to do with them. I can get more Mk 1 Fortune Cards but I have all the boosts I'll ever need. :P

We've had StarkTech, Bronx Zoo and Raids teased to us several months ago. Some as far back as last October. That's 7 months and still no sign of them. When you tease something that's 'coming soon', you have to actually make sure that item is in fact coming soon. Otherwise, you've whetted the appetites of your consumer base only to not have them made available, which irritates your customers. Remember back in the 90's when you'd read about the latest comic book coming out from Advance, and it would end up being 4 months late? What happened? You got angry, canceled your pre-order and didn't buy the book when it did come out.

Don't get me wrong - I still dig the game and expect to keep playing for a while. But I'm finding it harder and harder to come up with reasons to do so. Gaz is giving us some freebies for logging on - that's cool. But it concerns me when they start to feel like they need to give us something extra to get us to log on. That's kind of a bad sign IMO.

Getting new toons, costumes and goodies to buy is nice, but it's far more important to the future of this game to get new things to do.

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@DarthRevan said:
You're right.

I love this game very much but after 1210 hours played and quite a lot of money spent I've started to make excuses to login everyday. Hard to admit but it's true.

With that many hours, some burnout is expected. But even without that much time invested I think folks are starting to have a 'been there, done that' sense.

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I get what you're saying, so let go down the list.

I myself was never into pvp of any sort, so I'm not the demo that this is for. I do think the Hela ring is super handy in PvE though. Just did enough to get 25 coins and and it was dreadful enough that I dout I'll ever try for a level 60 ring. Really don't feel this game needs pvp at all, but that's a whole can of worms that'll derail the thread.

Honestly I don't have any problems MM, x-def,or holo-sim besides some mob tweaking.

Terms will come out the most for awhile till they don't have anymore assets to recycle (Malekith Please) , then they will switch to those one-offs I'm guessing. They do need more stuff for shards, maybe opening up the other mark cards.

Not sure about Starktec. I mean it kinda seems the tech is more or less done, so what could be the problem? Maybe they are worried about to much power creep or they are waiting to put it out at the exact same time as the item review.

Story is moving kinda slow. I'm guessing it's a casualty of multitasking.
Lots and lots of assets to make (voice,comic, mobs, levels) , I also feel like the new chap kinda got stalled to fit the marketing timeframe of the villain pack.

I can see why raids are taking a good while. From what has been hinted at, sound like tons of new tech is needed.

::Extra credit::

It could be me ,but also feel costumes take longer than they should.

With all that going on I'm willing to bet team-up will be more of a bi-monthly thing.

I'd say once the 52 and item reviews are over, new stuff will come out quicker as well.

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Now lets look at your favorite B2P game, or MMO and see how long it took them to come out with NEW content like Area's and such.

Ohhh whats that? 6 months? there a theme there?

Bottom Line it takes month and month to do brand new content/area. So its good to have them reuse the resources they have to make band aid type content. Also you think Gazillion has some type of huge staff that and EA or Activision would have they dont as of now but hopefully in the future. So it will take them a bit longer. If your bored take a break and return when new content comes along

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no you missed the point, and didn't read. Most game companies take 6 months to release brand new content.

If you have Gazillions snails pace then hit the bricks and come back when they offer what you want, or go become a millionaire and invest in the company so they can release it as fast as you want the content

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All online games live or die on new content,that's why games such as EvE Online is still going after 11 years and its numbers continue to rise or why World of Tanks commands 70+ million accounts.It is because they constantly add new content/maps every 2 to 4 months.

I am in the same position as some of the posters here.Currently going cosmic on Loki and i really CBA if i am being honest and i find myself playing other games.

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TOR is backed by EA, and admitted they cut corners on their digital content. But its expected with thier punishing FTP model.

Guildwars also had a bigger company and like most they held content from release so they can release it later to give them time to make newer content.

Not only does new content take awhile for Gaz to do, you have to take in account the Marvel approval process. People really under estimate that but Look at Black Widow, Team Ups and Fire and Ice. They will push stuff back if its not what they want. So you have to add time there.

New Toons pay the bills....However I wish they would take a month off and Catch up on the 52's but thats life, and it wont happen that way...anyways Im done here. You can continue you complaint thread disguised as feedback

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