All Available Team Up Power Screenshots (Thread Discontinued, New Thread Link Inside)

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All Team Ups have had their Health Pools INCREASED from 60k to 120K

I do not have access to Dr. Doom Team Up so I cannot update for him sadly (EDIT: Special Thanks to @DriftRobot for providing screenshot base for Dr. Doom Team Up also can be found here:

King Thor is just a re-skinned Beta Ray Bill Team Up (Powers are exactly the same)

New Fortune Card MKVI Exclusive Team Up Back in Black Spider Man Video here:

Back in Black Spider Man Team Up currently has the same exact skills as the normal Spider Man Team Up on the TC but with a ranged auto attack

A few people were asking for info about Team Up Powers before they made their selection in case they didn't Pre-order the pack. Hope this helps a little.

Shared Powers (All Four Team Ups Have These Same Powers) :

Only difference between heroes are the Icon colors for the above selections.

Please note that the values on Dr. Doom Team Up Procs are low due to source of ss having different set up than me

The Passive Procs on Beta Ray Bill seem slightly lackluster, not sure if they're not scaling properly or if the values are intended

Guardians Team Ups:


Few things to point out:

The Team Up Powers (Active abilities) which are displayed are the base value at level 60. I do have an item equipped in the screenshot but I took it off when taking a screenshot of the powers. These may seem weak currently, but gear improves them at a % value making a well geared team up summon rather formidable with the right items.

Passive Procs scale with your Hero's Damage Rating and can Critcal/Brutal. Criticals and Brutals are also affected by Critical Damage Rating. The Proc values are affected by my DP's Damage Rating as I didn't bother to remove all items/buffs from him

Finally done updating, now to make use of this double drop bonus.

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thx dude!

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Hey thanks for this, but you are missing a lot of tiers there :)

"Keep or Trash" - A Marvel Heroes Item list of what to keep or trash!

Check the thread here.

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I skipped Tier 2 since its the same across all heroes, you can refer to Spidey's Tier 1/2 for the same effect. Icon is the same, just different colors for each Team Up. I'll refine this thread later probably. Just don't want to miss out on play time at the moment :P Also I mislabeled Magik's Tier 3 Powers as Tier 2, refer to the Icons to see where they belong :)

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Super helpful! Thanks a ton for posting these! :)

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thx :D

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Awesome! I didn't realize Magik had summon buffs and demons. Will be awesome for my Squirrel Girl summon build. Yay for more summoner build support! :)

Do the summoned demons benefit from all the regular summon buffs I have equipped, i.e. Neptune's Trident, Latverian Regalia and Frigga blessing? Also, do they count as "squirrels" towards my max 30 number of summoned creatures?

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I believe her summons do, but the Team Up Hero itself doesn't benefit from those items. I'd guess that squirrels only count towards squirrels :P

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Thanks for this, can't wait to get home...

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Fixed the mislabeling of Magik's Tier 3 Powers. Tidied up Spider-Man Powers. Powers shared between all four Team Ups moved to its own picture to lower clutter.

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You're all welcome, glad to be able to help the community a bit.

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Just what I'm looking for! Thx, man!

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Thanks bro! Really needed this. Definitly an awesome vote heading ur way ^^.

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Thanks :)

"Keep or Trash" - A Marvel Heroes Item list of what to keep or trash!

Check the thread here.

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Thank you for the insight.

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please pin it on the top @Gaz

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So my magik tooltip for dark reaping says it only heals 102 hp, am I missing something?

Thanks for the post, after I took magik for a run it updated to 1400.

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thank you much for these :)

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usually before you call them out into combat they're still scaled to level 1. only until you call them out do they scale to your current hero's level. think before i called out any of my team ups their hp was only at 472-ish then when i called them out with a level 60 hero it scaled up to 60000. might be doing the same thing with some abilities.

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Thanks :). I just bookmarked this. :)

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Much appreciated. This will surely help me in reaching lvl 60 for the first time..

You got my vote kid ...

now for me and my newbie hero... ITS CLOBBERING TIME !

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