Improved Attribute System - Sneak Preview

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Hi all,

As you know we've been working diligently on a review for the attribute system. We're ready to roll it out in 2 weeks, alongside the item review.

Here's a summary of where we currently stand.

Overall goals for the review:

  • Make every rank in an attribute matter.

  • Provide freedom for attributes to scale as high as a you want. If someone wants to focus on extremely high Fighting, Durability, Speed and so on, they can now do so with help from the revised interface, shown here:

  • Generally clean up the system to make it clear and parse, with no extraneous complexity.

  • Make Speed more interesting and make the Speed attribute more useful for "Speedy" heroes such as Black Panther, Black Widow, Human Torch, Moon Knight, Ms. Marvel, Nightcrawler, Spider-Man, Squirrel Girl, Storm, Thor, etc.

  • Make Intelligence more interesting and replace the experience gain with more generally useful stats to help out heroes with high Intelligence such as Loki, Iron-Man, Emma Frost, Doctor Strange, Black Panther, etc.

  • Make Durability more useful, allowing you to have the choice of building tankier if you wish. This is particularly helpful for heroes who could previously hit the Durability cap with certain items or powers, such as Thor, Thing, Taskmaster, Ms. Marvel, Luke Cage, Iron Man, Hulk, Ghost Rider and Colossus.

  • Remove the confusion as to what's a Fighting power and what isn't in a way that makes Fighting heroes stronger and giving them options to use powers in their kits that aren't labelled Fighting.

  • Even if certain bonuses are changed for an attribute, the overall damage and survivability of a hero must stay the same or improve.

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