Marvel Heroes 2.36 Patch Notes

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This week’s patch is a small bug-fix and quality of life patch.

Hero Changes

Black Panther

To follow-up Black Panther’s level 52 design review, we’ve made a few additional changes directly based on player feedback:

Knockdown Sweep is now a 360 degree kick and has had the radius increased in all directions to further increase melee viability versus groups of enemies.

Predator's Frenzy has had a slight increase to its area to further increase melee viability versus clumped enemies.

Scything Sweep has had a slight increase to its radius to further increase melee viability versus enemy groups.

Enervating Slash has had its area of effect increased slightly, again to increase melee effectiveness versus enemy groups.

Cryo Dagger had tuning flags reviewed and adjusted slightly since it was double dipping a little when it came to CC effects. This will result in a small damage buff for the power.

Wrath of Bast has had additional functionality added to the power. In addition to everything it does now, Bast will now channel through your body and soul, adding damage to your melee and ranged attacks for a short time. This will have the side effect of a Melee and Ranged tag being added to the power, which is interesting from an itemization standpoint

Savage Strike - To prevent enemies receiving too many CC immunity stacking effects and therefore making the “good” CC abilities not trigger, Savage Strike no longer has the knock up effect, and it’s based damage has been increased in accordance with removing a short CC.

Doctor Strange

For performance reasons, Astral Projections now fire 2 projectiles per cast of Daggers of Daveroth. The damage of the daggers has been increased to compensate to result in the same overall damage per cast.

Astral Projection and Legion's ongoing spirit cost has been increased to 3/sec. Their base damage has been increased.

Fixed an issue where Astral Legion’s damage values were not properly based on ranks in Astral Projection.

Crimson Bands of Cyttorak will now correctly gain bonus from Damage Over Time items and relics.

Fixed an issue where Mysticism where the 5th incantation would be free instead of the 6th one.

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