New Playable Hero Announcement #4 of 5 [Official]

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In conjunction with the beginning of the second fiscal quarter of the year, we're releasing a list of our newest playable heroes. This is the fourth playable hero in our list of five.

New Playable Hero #4: Taskmaster

Taskmaster possesses "photographic reflexes", an ability that allows him to replicate any actions he has seen as well as recall them from memory.

He has used these skills as a combat instructor for hundreds of supervillains, henchmen, and private military companies. His mercenary training camps are lucrative and provide a steady income for him.

Throughout his career, he has famously copied combat techniques and replicated weapons after encountering notable heroes such as Captain America, Spider-Man, Daredevil, Black Knight and Hawkeye.

Later in his career, in order to clear his criminal record, he started working with the U.S. government as a combat instructor and currently serves as a member of S.H.I.E.L.D's Secret Avengers.

The most exciting part of playable Taskmaster is adding all-new weapon and combat techniques to the game, as described in the following posts.

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@Doomsaw said:
New Playable Hero #3: Taskmaster

Plus, the title...

... Taskmaster so badass, he's hero number 3 AND 4!! ;)

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Is this a serious thread?? X_X

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Excellent! I cannot wait to copypaste my way to victory! I wonder if hitting level 60 on Tasky will get you an xp multiplier for each hero he copied! Yeah-heah-heah!

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Not sure of the time difference but is it still April fools in america.

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