New Playable Hero Announcement #2 of 5 [Official]

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In accordance with the beginning of the second fiscal quarter of the year, we're releasing a list of our newest playable heroes. This is the second announcement in our list of five new heroes.

New Playable Hero #2: Midtown Hot-Dog Vendor


Hero Background

Fred Dawson has been selling hot dogs for a long time.

He works tirelessly, seemingly never missing a single day of work in one of the busiest, most dangerous cities in the world.

His hot dogs are not the greatest, and frankly he doesn't sell a lot of them, but they're made with heart.

And that's the point; heart.

Dawson may not have been bitten by a radioactive spider or have been infused by cosmic rays, but that shows how brave he is. He's got the guts to stay in a city constantly being attacked by Sentinels, aliens, mutants, assassins and a non-stop group of gangsters trying to extort him.

We believe players should have the option of playing someone who's real, and it doesn't get any more real than Fred Dawson, Midtown Hot-Dog Vendor.

Let's take a look at the Signature and Ultimate powers for the Midtown Hot-Dog Vendor:

Exceptional Customer Service

Area, Signature

Provide top notch customer service by providing a fine-tasting hot-dog at a fair price.

Spirit Cost: Requires 110% of max spirit, because Fred always gives 110%


Chicago Style, Hot Links, New York Style or even Bratwurst - it's all good

Fred Dawson's Ultimate power celebrates his everyman status. Tony Stark may be a billionaire, but Fred Dawson lives in the real world and has bills to pay.

Pay Off The Mortgage

Fighting, Ultimate

Activate to exchange credits and reduce total required mortgage payments by one.

Paying Off The Mortgatge
The Falafel cart is tough competition, but the bank doesn't want to hear that.

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Life is hard when you deal in hot dogs.

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I appreciate that you haven't begun offering the limited-time preorder pack for these 5 heroes yet. I can only preorder so many things for this game at once!!

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Most Op'd Hero since "The Plumber"!

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Gaz is acting quite foolish today.

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Also..... no wonder you guys delayed Silver Surfer. He's Hot Dog Vendor's Summon.

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The hot dog vendor in front the old avenger mansion was a doombot spy.

I cannot remember the issue and i don't find it on google but i m sure it was in a endscene of a 80"s comic

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I'd like to get a Coney dog with wiz, bacon, onions, chili, ketchup, mustard and relish please :D

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