The Marvel Heroes 2016 servers are now back online with game update 2.12 with our Spider-Man Homecoming Event!
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Marvel Heroes 2.35 Patch Notes

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New Hero - Doctor Strange!

The Sorcerer Supreme has joined the Marvel Heroes roster!

Dr. Strange is one of the most complex and powerful heroes we’ve added, with many spells straight out of the Book of the Vishanti itself and a cooldown-lowering mysticism

Special Weekend Events - Don't Fear the Reaper and More Cowbell Saturday!

As you may know, underway this week is our Don’t Fear the Reaper rotating boss event, but in addition, we’re having one of our biggest promotions yet on Saturday!

Join us for "More Cowbell Saturday" for a special gift, a special promotion, and an opportunity to play and chat with the Cow King, David Brevik himself!

For details, see here!

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