Marvel Heroes 2.33 Patch Notes

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Lucky & Legendary Weekend

This weekend brings a new holiday event for St. Patrick’s Day! Credits have become gold coins and festive hats, four leaf clovers, and Legendary Pieces of Rainbows are dropping from enemies!

Collect three Legendary Pieces of Rainbow and craft a legendary item - the Pot of Gold of Cassidy Keep! This crafting recipe can be found under “Misc.” recipes and is only available this week! We’ll also be giving these pieces of Rainbow as daily gifts through the weekend!

Hero Changes


Though Gambit received a design review last week, there were a handful of changes that we felt he needed to be in 10/10 shape:

Bo Vault no longer has a fixed distance and can be used to land roughly 20% shorter or farther than before

Grand Slam - Can no longer be deflected by players or enemies (no longer considered a projectile).

Good Times Roll - Now displays the attack speed buff on the tooltip. Speed increased to improve responsiveness of the power.

52 Pickup - Damage and speed has been increased so that Gambit can use this more safely in risky content.

Dead Man's Hand - Now begins at 2 cards instead of 1. Damage has been increased ~10% to help it’s performance as a single target spirit spender.

Savate Expert - As with other health-on-hit proc effects, Savate Expert's now has a brief internal cooldown.

Kinetic Card - Now deals AOE splash damage when enhanced (via using a spirit spender).

Cheat Death - Visual effects have been increased in size to make it more clear when the effect has been triggered. In addition, Gambit is invulnerable for an extra 2.5 seconds after reviving.

House of Cards - Slow increased to 75%.

Ryan 'Ryolnir' Collins - Creative Designer & Community Manager

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