Marvel Heroes 2.32 Patch Notes

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Odin’s Bounty Weekend!

This weekend, heroes will have the opportunity to do Odin’s work and be appropriately rewarded!

Arriving in your inventory as of Friday is a gift from Odin - a box of a of Odin Marks (containing a minimum of 5 Odin Marks and chances to get more, all the way up to 100 Odin Marks as the rarest amount) and boons of all three types!

In addition, Odin will be granting additional loot for defeating particular supervillains, based on a real world, rotating schedule!

Additionally, Odin has agreed to help you bolster your ranks, or improve yourself via a Random Hero Box which is available in the in-game store for this weekend only!

Not only will you receive a random hero from the entire roster of 30 heroes, but you will receive TWO character tokens in every random box. The extra token will be for whatever hero is in the box, so both tokens will be identical per box.

Like the Random Hero Box that can be purchased with Eternity Splinters, this box can contain a hero you already own, but you would them receive 2 tokens that can be used to upgrade your ultimate power.

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