Tuesday Night Update

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A quick Tuesday update for you:

  • We're getting ready for the small patch this week, likely Thursday morning, but potentially Friday morning if needed. Some quality of life changes, X-Defense tuning, bug fixes, new weekend event, etc.

  • A lot of design work went into finishing up Gambit changes based on test center feedback. Lots of small bugs fixed up and a tuning pass by Psilocke and the team. Big thanks to @PsiLocke‌ @MichaelMayhem‌ @TheArtofRawr‌ @Ryolnir‌ for all their work on the Gambit design pass and the VFX and animation team who came up with some great stuff.

  • Dr. Strange effects work continued today. I checked out a couple and I have to say he will have some of the most striking visual effects I've seen in an ARPG. His animations are also looking cool, including his flight animation.

  • Work on the new Black Panther costume is coming along. She is getting her own set of animations and her model looks insane.

  • As above, for the next Ghost Rider costume, which is beautiful.

  • Gambit's stormtrooper :) costume and Jean Grey's All New X-Men costume are done and ready for store debut in a few days. Both look cooler than I even imagined.

  • @amthua finished a design and tuning review and made a couple of small buffs to Gambit uniques. Him and the team are continuing their massive review of all items which will result in a large number of tuning changes, almost all nice buffs.

  • We had a Raid team meeting today to go over all the raid encounters and bosses. Lots of work to do, but will be a compeletely new thing for ARPGs.

  • Team Ups got ahead in engineering and design today. They are more advanced than I originally envisioned and I think they will end up being extremely cool when they launch with the Cap movie.

More tomorrow. :)

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Good stuff guys! Thanks for the update.

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Keep the updates and the good work rolling!

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Any chance to have little preview of new Shuri costume? Please... for Panther God.

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Thanks for the update! Any word on fixing the epic -> cosmic upgrade?

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gambit´s review is coming with this week´s patch?

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thanks for the update! :)

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Great update. How's the tuning of BP coming along?

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Every time you even mentioned the word "raid" I do a mini squeel inside! Keep up the good work!

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Can't wait for the New Gambit Update... So excited...

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is Black Widow's review still next month?

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Impressive changes Devs! Well done, this is the reason Marvel Heroes is astounding, also I get to play as Cyclops, Human Torch, Gambit!

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When the loot update come in ?

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@doomsaw you said "Work on the new Black Panther costume is coming along. _She _is getting her own set of animations and her model looks insane."

Are we referring to Black Panther or Black Widow?

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@UsernameTwentyOne said:
doomsaw you said "Work on the new Black Panther costume is coming along. _She _is getting her own set of animations and her model looks insane."

Are we referring to Black Panther or Black Widow?

Doomsaw told one day that it will be this one:


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Good looking, Doomsaw!

Its like Xmas, New Year and everything together every week because of new stuff, updates, heroes, events etc.. I know it must be hard to keep that speed up on content, but its definitly worth all the work and time you invest into Marvel Heroes right now.

Thanks alot

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