Gambit Video Review NEW! Royal Flush/Unique (update 3/6)

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Test Center - Gambit - Royal Flush

Start rework Unique (slot 1 / slot 5)


Gambit - 52 Pickup

Gambit - 52 Pickup + Ragin' Cajun

Gambit - House Of Cards

Gambit - Grand Slam (Without bug)

Gambit - Good Times Roll (New Animation)

Gambit - Ace of Spades

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Ok there's our Bosses/ Elites Burn Down, Can't wait too see the rest of the Changes, Thanks for showing @RocaW

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Um, did that last explosion hit for 500,000 or are my eyes deceiving me?

Has Royal Flush changed much?

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Yeah, based on that tooltip, they didn't put in the new RF with this build. It is supposed to apply vulnerability and have all enemies be hit for the same amount in his cone, probably similar to how Photonic Wave works.

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The new animation for Grand Slam looks sweet... One of my favorite skills just got an upgrade...

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Looks like house of cards lands where he is standing. It would be nice if it goes where the cursor is so if you're doing a ranged build it would be easier to kite. Just an opinion

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My damage on Live is so insane. When this review hits, I will be nasty.

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pvp here i come! :)

is it ok to ask for a video of his new single target spirit spenders? :)

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@RocaW said:

Thanks for the vid of the new signature! gotta be crazy not to like that!

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@IceyOne said:
Damn and I'm at work too. Thanks for posting. 52 pickup looks amazing and we get an AoE dot on Grandslam? I have a feeling my build is going to change extremely. :O

I think its just a bug cause the more you're using GS the more you have that "dot" but its more like an animation failed, like if you're still spamming it when you're not. 52pickup animation is just too much awesome :D

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They'll probably get rid of that bug before it goes live. Can always hope and dream for that hilariously amazing grand slam.

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These look like moves Gambit deserves!!

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oh sweet mother of....ashjqheohsdfmAfbhq.....

All these, just from feedback from players? Best damn community in any game.. and kudos to the Dev team behind the rework on Gambit, awesome developers all neatly packed in one awesome company.

sig pending, updating roster ~ like really, does anyone actually care what I type here?

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any news on black suits and red suits?

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Might be a good time to dust off the cajun!

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@cannonmax said:
any news on black suits and red suits?

They are gone, never to return. The affixes got spread out to other skills.

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Oh....My....God yes!

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@IceyOne said:
Damn and I'm at work too. Thanks for posting. 52 pickup looks amazing and we get an AoE dot on Grandslam? I have a feeling my build is going to change extremely. :O

Pretty sure the AOE dot on Grandslam is a bug.

Someone else mentioned Royal Flush... second that, has that been changed at all?

Damnit... so excited now, how am I supposed to work under these conditions?

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downloading TC right now....this looks so awsesome. thanks for vids buddy.


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