Marvel Heroes 2.31 Patch Notes

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New Hero: Moon Knight

The Fist of Khonshu has been added to Marvel Heroes! Utilize his brutal melee powers and array of weaponry (including the Moon Copter itself) to deal damage to foes en masse as well as up close and personal.

Moon Knight is also the first character in Marvel Heroes to have “specializations” which come in the form of powerful buffs granted from Khonshu himself! To utilize these gifts, build up tribute by fighting enemies and landing critical blows and pay them to Khonshu for one of two unique Gifts! A Moon Knight may only take one of these Gifts, so choose wisely!

Mardi Gras Event!

To celebrate Mardi Gras and Carnival, we’ve created some new items for players to enjoy that can be found in the game world. These items include lootable holiday items such as pancakes, beads, and Carnival masks, as well as Mardi Gras-colored doubloons dropping in the place of credits and a limited-time Mardi Gras Fortune Card in the G store. In addition, Rarity Boons can drop anywhere in game during Mardi Gras to increase the celebration factor!

Hero Changes


Jumping Strike and Street Sweeper can now be used without combo points.

Finisher powers now cost no spirit when used at maximum combo points. The damage and effectiveness of these powers have been increased. If Finisher powers are used without maximum combo points, they cost 25 spirit each.

Street Sweeper's power keywords have been fixed (was erroneously keyworded as ranged internally but not on the tooltip).

Devil's Due now generates maximum combo points when hitting a target. The cooldown reduction per combo point spent has been reduced.

Daredevil's Signature, Devil's Due, now unlocks at the appropriate signature level (30). Daredevil players have received a free respec of their power points as a result of this change.

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